“Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.”— Farrah Gray

Do you have a dream?

But you can’t go after it right now because you’re in a difficult situation, and things don’t seem to get much better. OR things are going according to plan for a career.

Oh I know you are also intelligent, ambitious and YES you WANT to make a change in this world. After all, there are so many things that are calling to us.

WANTING? You will die wanting. 
WILLING? Then let’s talk.

For the first time in months, I was laying on the beach in the hot sun of Doha, Qatar. I was watching my daughter out on her sailing lesson. She was taken to her sailing lessons for months by her nanny and now I was watching her, admiring her after all this practice. Of course, like all little girls, she was waving proudly, aware of my noticing her. I was finally present.

I was holding a book called Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson (2002). It was another stressful day — at the same time, an empty day of back-to-back meetings dealing with “important” stuff I would be going back to after watching my daughter. But I was really soaking up the peace, laughter, beauty, the hot sun on my body. I opened up the book to whatever page would present itself, and read:

“You would rather be anywhere than going into this meeting. You think about being at the movies, being on the beach, being with your kids — being anywhere but here. The people waiting on the other side of that door don’t know who you are or even seem to care. You don’t have the feeling they really want you to succeed. You can’t believe you work here. Welcome to your career….”

I nearly choked with shock — guilt for reneging on my parental promise to be a present parent, overwhelm at how wildly the universe smacked me right there. That visit to the beach was no ordinary visit. My children needed me way more than I was giving. My children are the flames in my life that motivate me to be present, be on top of my game, keep my heart open with love. Being the messenger she is, she was doing exactly that. And there was the flame of my soul that I buried. It carries the dream — and my contract — to give to the world in real, significant, meaningful ways. I buried it to do what?! Chase after the prestige, money, recognition, career, AND the stress and power games that are part of the package.

WANTING to do something real was never going to manifest that something real climbing that ladder. WANTING was NOT enough for my kids. I complained to my older brother about how empty I was now feeling. “What is career anyway?” he said. “Career isn’t going to matter on your deathbed.”

Where is that flame within you? What did it tell you it wanted a year ago, two years ago… longer? What have you REALLY done to fan her? Read, improved your life here and there? Took a course even? That’s wanting! There IS NO situation to blame. There is NO career that’s ever worth it — that’s just noise.

FAN her flames every single day. Now. Make consistency your mantra. Bar nothing else. Make I WILL this into my life your only way. If you are serious, your mind and heart will work with you to do wonders on this planet for some serious work. If you are serious, you grow to be at your game. I want to tell you your dream is also so much closer to you than you think. No more stumbling in the dark. No more chasing the illusion. No more excuses. No more wasting precious time. That day, I made an incredible intention, one that would change my life — massively, and I believe has changed lives as a result.

Let’s get serious about making a real change in this world. Take your rightful place in it. Because if you don’t, you will be serving some dream anyway. Oh yes! Will it be yours?

Originally published at medium.com