Whenever we think of the term Psychologist and their assistance, we immediately make a imaginary layout of a man or woman sitting in front of a doctor who is making notes about all the troubles and root cause. Indeed, many psychologists practice the same pattern but, you will be stunned that the field is categorized into further categories.

Let us add some connotation to this topic. Psychologists study the people working in different sectors and how they react accordingly to the same problem. The cosmos is loaded with the zillions of problems and bruises. Therefore, to evacuate you from such issues and infuse peace and stability there are several types of psychologists who are practicing for you. Below is a list of different types of psychologists that will help you no matter what type of problem you are bearing from.


It includes the study of the brain and how each part functions differently in various aspects of life. Biopsychologists perform research on the brain and its behavior. They are also known by the name of biological psychologists. They are the one who is recruited after any brain injuries and diseases. They also guide about the different ways that will help in maintaining a healthy brain.

Clinical Psychologists

As the name is reciting this type of psychologist can be seen in the clinics and hospitals to guide those people who are in mental distress after hearing any bad news. They are specialized to certain problems such as abuse treatment, child mental health, geriatric mental health or adult mental health.

Cognitive Psychologists

This type of Psychologist studies about the behavior of the population and helps in decision-making and ease problems. The psychologists who work in this field are greatly interested in the processing, learning, storing, recognizing and utilizing the brain.

The scope of cognitive psychologists is very high as they can work in many sectors such as universities, hospitals, private practice, rehabilitation centers, and government agencies. You can also choose them for a particular sector like memory, language development, attention, problem-easing or learning disabilities.

Consumer psychologists

Have you ever thought about how the advertising and marketing companies are ruling the whole market? To make it possible for the business owners to analyze what their customers are looking for is what consumer psychologists or marketing psychologist does. Their work is to analyze how buyers respond to marketing campaigns, keen research on decision-making strategies, identifying target audiences and learning about the different types of attitudes towards brands.

Counseling Psychologists

This is the most common type of psychologist type. Due to fast life and distress life, the scope of counseling psychologists has been increased to the massive scale. The psychologist will study the problems that are suffering you. It will sort problems regarding behavioral problems, emotional difficulties, psychological disturbances, stress, and depression.

Cross-Cultural Psychologists

As the name is pronouncing, Cross-Cultural Psychologist studies about the different cultures and how they are different from each other. It also includes research about the cultural affiliations influence behavior. Understand it with the examples for more connotation. Cross-Cultural Psychologist investigates how parenting patterns vary from collectivist cultures versus individualist cultures. He or she can also investigate the diversity in adult behavior.

Educational Psychologists

This type of psychology includes such research and studies that will impact the study pattern in the schools or institutions. They might also study about the learning disabilities and best ways to teach children. It is directly influenced by the social, cognitive and emotional psychology works. They will process all the problems that are lagging children to learn and develop.

Summary: Psychology is not only about studying the different problems surviving by the people and sorting them one by one. Indeed, it is also a part but there are many other things that is mentioned below.


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