Today I saw a video that opened my eyes. It wasn’t the first time I came across such a video but this one reminded me of many things.

Let’s be honest- social media runs the internet. I don’t remember a day where I read a blog, magazine or watched a video; where I didn’t see a link to a social media account. Everything we see and consume nowadays revolves around social media.

Two former executives of Facebook have talked publicly about how much they regret being part of a social brand that is now consuming too much of people’s attention and feeding them dopamine minute by minute.

Social media has done some good in the world. It connects people and communicates ideas.

But what happens if those connections and communications are actually proving themselves to be dangerous to people’s livelihoods.

People are constantly being catfished on social media, to an extent of detrimental consequences. Fake identities are created to prey on the ignorant and the vulnerable.

People are also being misinformed on issues that are very important. This misinformation ends up affecting leadership of countries, economies and peoples’ reputations.

Take the US presidency for example. There are scandals revolving around the presidency because of President Donald Trump’s constant misuse of social media.

A couple of months ago Bonang Matheba who is a famous presenter and entrepreneur in South Africa, was the social media laughing stock for weeks because of her erroneous autobiography. Her book was not correctly edited and that opened the door for bashing and shaming.

This constant negativity is affecting people in negative ways. The amount of attention we give to social media sites is taking away the time we could be doing productive activities- activities that can add value to people’s lives and change the world.

Attention is a very powerful thing. It can make or break people.


I am not saying people should completely stop using social media. What I ask from all is that we limit the time spent there and pay close attention to the information we consume.

Don’t be enslaved by social media. Likes and comments won’t build you or make you a better person. Take a break from all the social contrasts that take place on social and just become one with the universe.

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