Well! Let me start on this question before I could start laying to you my thoughts and concerns about this changing time and the contribution being led in through interventions made through technological inclusions at present or upcoming within time.

My question is, “How much you keep yourself technologically alert? Or how you keep yourself updated with different inventions regarding this field? How much do you know about the latest technology, unless you’re a techy?

I didn’t like to lose myself into this, but when got reading some of the excellent, detailed written pieces about it, some facts and processes being shown on the internet and television, in a kind arose my senses to take a dive into this. ‘THE WORLD OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE’…People! We are living as if like a whole new life led on a technological interface via breakthrough a revolution in the face of ‘Artificial Intelligence’.


‘Artificial Intelligence’ can basically be called as a computer program which tends to take and store data/input given and according to the stored information gives its output or delivers the required work keeping in its computerized mind the importance of the futuristic needs of a human and of the world.

Yes, it is absolutely true, since a time, we’re hearing about artificial intelligence. But the major facts, which we are further going to know and explore about through this essay is that how in today’s time, AI is acquiring its space in almost every sphere and various fields, the revolution has already begun as its going to make its contribution to the business and management field, despite the amazement of many people. Its interaction with the technological parity is making continuous improvements in which a piece of work should be delivered with the help of different patterns and according to the needs can change the algorithm which helps initiates with every trial taken, hence, improving its efficiency.

“Artificial Intelligence” has now changed and has been changing there forth, the scenario of the technology and related services as well as being applied and successfully being tested in other fields as well. AI has become the hottest topic everywhere to be discussed and the further insights and research show that its transformation in the working systems and up to condition setting algorithm will be proven vital in upcoming time. Nowadays, we are coming across and having knowledge about ‘Artificial Intelligence’ as the essence of the human brain, robotic society and inventing systems as such. But actually, we are quite familiar with what AI is delivering on its part up to date. While I could say that in the terms of technological movements and inventions being done to make our work and life easier along with the most intelligent use of technology today.

Machine Learning helped into the development of Artificial Intelligence laying forward with the same speed and maximum accuracy. During this phase, many engineers felt that internet is being highly used for generating, retrieving and storing digital information and data analyzation can be done easily. It would be more reliable and beneficial if machines and computers can get coded to think as a particular human brain and allowing access to all information is present worldwide.

So, machine learning concepts and applications made learning and work modules in synchronization with a human approach much more efficient and recognizable. Machine Learning got its lift from Neural Networks, which helped in classifying information in a way a person does through recognizing the elements or information given and also from Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help understand machines and computers the variations held in a human language and how to make it respond in a way likely to that of a human.


Since a while, even if being someone’s out of notice, Artificial Intelligence is being used in our daily lives and is making everything easily handled, what we regard as ‘smart’ use. The efficient usage of Artificial Intelligence in our daily lives includes :-

1. Virtual Assistant:

In today’s time, smartphones and androids or IoS are delivering super efficient services maybe what we call as Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri, Google Now as voice recognition feature which helps us recognizing our schedules or anything we need, just as a personal assistant it plays its role.

2. Video Games:

I have seen at many game arenas or games parlor being making use of AI as children or people handling machine virtually and as we move it shows into the gaming screen as if it is mimicking us.

3. Predictive Analysis of Sales & Purchases:

It has become far more easy for online sites like Amazon to analyze the purchasing behaviors of people through the predictive model and it gains a fair chance of delivering things with time.

4. Customer Support Service (Online):

It is not possible for all the time, customer support representative being available there, it has become with the use of artificial intelligence possible to solve customer queries on the other side supported through automated responders present at the moment to give appropriate answers through analyzing their questions with the help of certain chatbots.

5. Inspection/Security Issues:

In order to guard a house or a property, putting on several video cameras and tracking them doesn’t seem to be a good idea. But now with the help of AI, training, and security-related algorithms can be set for these cameras so that if it inhibits any threat or signs like that, it would immediately alert the officers by alarm rings or warning signs.


When we are talking about how the role of Artificial Intelligence is being played almost everywhere whether it’s our personal or professional lives. We can’t have even imagined the things are changing instantly with the upgradation in technology levels. 

So isn’t this obvious to think moving forward with Artificial Intelligence in every field tends to diminish human involvement majorly? 

In this time who doesn’t want to live and experience an advanced lifestyle or working in an environment completely controlled and supported by automatically handled machines and devices? In return, it results in decreased human efforts for every work. Due to this, sometimes, the application of Artificial Intelligence and its successful working everywhere could tend to be taken as a threat in the coming years.

While people are gaining insights from the research on the basis of weak or strong artificial intelligence, imagining and testing ways on how human intelligence gets with AI, how promptly it would respond in cognitive tasks and of course AI stands undoubtedly on it. Researchers believe Super Intelligent AI would deal with these cognitive tasks with more efficiency than as compared to human power as far as it would be in alignment with our goals.


Like every new technological development or invention at its early stage of launch, acquires the space in our minds for myths and irrelevant worries about trying it. Similarly, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘Super Intelligent AI’ is surrounded by research and concerns about its future use. The common myths we get to hear about AI:

Myth 1:

It sounds nice regarding future possibilities, work becoming simpler by smart machines. But in reality, this is a sort of impossibility.


It can happen in decades experts aren’t agreeing, so it’s obvious how can we actually know.

Myth 2:

Artificial Intelligence in future will bring us closer to devastation and causing destruction.


Its all about competence and we have to make our goals in alignment with it.

Myth 3:

Like we humans, have devoted our lives to the attainment of our goals, the same machines can’t do.


In today’s time, with artificial intelligence, it’s possible to set goals for machines.

These were some of the common concerns of the people towards the continuation of Artificial Intelligence in every field.


But if we are so keeping up with our concerns, then there will be less likely chances for us to see the changes to the extremity in today’s time, and all possible because of valuable researching, experimenting along with the fine inclusion of expertise which further is improvising things for better.

1. The vast amount of change, since years we’ve been seeing in the lines of production, manufacturing , sales. The change from highly mechanized processes to intelligent machines operations saving lots of time.

2. Mainly, if AI is to be applied to any business stream. The change will be liked as change, if there is an integrated setup of purposeful AI, and it should be understood what specific values are to be attained.

3. The major change can be seen while surfing on the internet, that when you enter data, it gets feed and because of artificial intelligence keeping the track of your past behaviors, it shows you more information that might be related to what you are searching or according to your interest. The more data is given, the better results one gets.


As we all have come across innovative ideas which artificial intelligence made look so real and unimaginable. AI in today’s time has been programmed to become so capable and for the coming future, it could literally act as a human and could successfully involve itself in future’s workforce and businesses running and adapting to AI concepts. When here I am talking about Artificial Intelligence and human nature, it is now possible to get predictions of basic human behavior or merely by analyzing the past behaviors as mentioned before to successfully gain human insights and it is so amusing to predict and know what is the next emotion or human feeling it is to be made with the help of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (AEI).

Another important role played by National Language Processing (NLP), data analytics and facial or voice recognition, so that it can enhance, what we can call as the ‘robotic society’, playing essential role and upbringing another phase of revolution in today’s world. Though, it is true that today, AI is being involved and could take very soon the place of humans in order to build or become more efficient in their tasks. So is there any idea to make the stable place for humans in this robotic society? As far as I have seen things and times changing, there will be created an important need of having critical thinking, problem-solving as well as the need of collaboration to understand the working algorithms which are giving a push to technological upliftments. Whether I could make a thought through scientific view or management point of view, there would be a need for collaboration between humans and the critical activities to better solve the technical issues and to re-align with the cognitive tasks as well.

The time when a person making use of his non-cognitive skills, still he/she needs to have that self-actualization of the work they’re doing. In another way, carrying his sense of completeness will keep them on during this time of the virtual world.

We are discussing how a person can maintain his/her space in this tech world? And how on the basis of their capabilities and acquired skills, they would prove themselves better than today’s technologies? But here we are slightly forgetting something! If machines are replacing humans in the work arena or reducing their chances or workload, there have been a number of increase in the roles and opportunities that Artificial Intelligence offers. Well, of course! There was a person who created a machine, after all, so it’s understood for its initial surveillance and control, help is required.


Some of the roles and responsibilities might become possible in the context of artificial intelligence:

1. Officer in Data Analyzing and Ethical Issues

When something typical is to be handled, rules and its ethics should be laid down, so that misuse of it can be done to minimal, so likewise for handling ethical issues related to AI, an officer would be required along with that the data which would be coming across system has to be critically analyzed, as output is all dependent upon the inputs stored.

2. Business Development Executive/Manager

For running a successful business or company, all responsibility come about making plans related to marketing, sales & distribution, strategies to be formulated, for dealing with all this, duty comes for a business development manager. So how and where to successfully involve AI in business plans, brings an opportunity as well.

3. Machine-Man Consultant/Strategist

The future success of all the companies will be depending upon how efficiently they would combine the working algorithms of the machine with human labor. Engineers and Human Resources Experts together will plan the favorable strategy for it.


I think the human-centered approach and artificial intelligence, both stand on their parts when it comes to relevancy. As we are approaching day by day nearer towards becoming the fully abled automated world, people are needed to be educated, learnt and to put into their practice to conceptualize and deal with the technological parity and ups and downs brought into the scene by every second software or invention being done and this is only possible, if proficient people have been given space, authority and time to be able to contribute their part in this tech world, as we all have known and experienced that the better the collaboration is between man and machine, the more productive results will be there.

We often assume that because of artificial intelligence, unemployment will rose high, as machines and smart systems are replacing humans, there seem to be fewer chances of human involvement and productivity. But according to the researchers and AI experts, this involvement and having smart systems will require large, machine skills with people who can better manage these systems. Because of AI, IT, finance, textiles, transportation sectors would be able to generate employment for many.


So I could say that it’s not a face-off between human and machines that it can be compared in the name of competency. It’s natural, as a machine has to be maintained, checked and handled to keep up with its working efficiency, the same way we humans in order to adapt and survive in this dynamic environment have to keep ourselves properly groomed and in the learning process in order to understand this technical collaboration which is changing lives on a wide basis. In fact, people should be trained and to be made technologically efficient to make their better contribution to this world.


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