Ashish Bansal takes us through his incredulous journey filled with twists and turns in the search of a legacy. The prodigy who has been in the tech industry since he reached his early teen years, After many memorable moments and life lessons on his journey, he is ready to spill the secrets behind the man who strived every day to change his present and your future.

In today’s ever-changing digital scenario, what do we have in store for tomorrow?

More than tomorrow, I think we should look at how digitalization is continuously changing the world today. As soon as the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, a majority of the business sectors experienced significant difficulty with adapting to their new-found reality. Digitization was an option before but it has become a necessity now. The only way to reach people is via social media and now that people have realized how much of an impact digitization can have for their brand, everyone has begun to harness its power. In an unstable world, digitization is the new normal.

Various companies like Amazon and Microsoft have already given their employees a work from home alternative and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey even went as far as to say that all his twitter employees could work from home even after the pandemic has ended.

Take us through the Journey of becoming a Digital Expert

My journey began at the young age of 14. That is when I earned my first penny and realized that the powers of the internet were greatly underrated. This made me consider a career in social media.

In due time, I learnt a lot about the intricate clockwork of social media and finessed my knowledge in PR, Branding, Advertising and other fields and I started working on a few campaigns. This invaluable experience and knowledge gave me the belief and confidence to start my own digital agency and gain expertise in my field.

How has Social Media impacted brands and their value?

Social Media has been an absolute game changer in terms of marketing. The brands benefit greatly by collecting data and then forming strategies to target the demographic that they want. This way they get to reach the perfect customers even in the times of this pandemic.

Through collected data analytics and various targetting, the customer, sitting at home is shown the right brands that they are interested in. This form of a win-win situation is rare and could only be achieved via social media branding and marketing.

​Tell us your story behind Born Social

From a young age, I knew that my future lies in social media. I was also obsessed with the notion of being ‘self-made’ and worked relentlessly to achieve that.

My obsession with being independent led me to turn a blind eye to our family business. I completed my education in mass communication. Got some real hands-on experience and worked on the fundamentals of campaigning and media so I could soar higher and launch my own digital agency – “BornSocial.”

Could you tell us about some of your best campaigns?

From the entertainment to the political sector, I’ve worked on various campaigns. Some even centred around the big business tycoons around the world.

An early memory of mine is when I was 18 and I had worked on this campaign with Reebok and the YTV Network. The campaign was such a hit that it ranked #1 all over India for a couple of days.

Another humongous success was the 2019 Haryana Assembly Elections where our team ran a variety of strategic ground level and digital campaign which resulted in a victory of great margins.

​What is your biggest achievement?

The knowledge that I gained from a young age and more importantly, how I consistently persevered and worked on it to get here today is my greatest achievement.

Do you have any pearls of wisdom for the youth of today?

Being Humble and having a modest demeanour will open many doors for you in the future. Being young, we all want to earn money but some things are more important in life. Learn to prioritise experience over money because it will help you in the long run. Hard work will always pay off. Even when you’re down, look at the bigger picture and keep persevering towards tomorrow.

Most importantly, always remember where your roots lie. Where you came from is who you are. Don’t forget that.