Teetering on the edge of destiny 

Is it my time to shine, or not?

You play with chance 

As if it is some type of game 

Yet, you know inside

That your choices are elusive 

Created from a single speck of dust

How can you even think you have control?

Over destiny

Over yourself 

Over your world 

It wasn’t as if you were put here

Just to struggle and strive

If that was the case

You would be living inside a volcano

Creation is a must

As is re-creation 

We re-create what we know

Because creation itself is overwhelming 

But what if creation is our friend?

What if creation is our guide?

Who would you be?

Where would you be?

So, my love

Stop teetering 

And jump 

Jump over the edge of destiny 

Because it is your time

Your time to shine