internet is increasingly becoming useful to many people all around
the world. There are millions of people accessing it every day and
there seems to be that we are just beginning to see a world that will
fully be preoccupied with it now and in the future. However, there is
a concern at the rate at which this is happening and the long hours
spent online. Experts from
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platforms have conducted research highlighting how lines get crossed
with the continued use of internet leading to addiction.

the internet has a lot that can get many of us glued to it and
enhance addictive tendencies leading to pseudo-intimate relationships
between individuals. Though useful in some ways, the uncontrolled use
of the internet can have a negative impact on social life. Here are
some of the ways through it has had an effect on social life,
especially when abused.

in Relationships

to the internet is considered as one of the major causes of damaged
relationships. When a person gets enmeshed in activities online, they
often get oblivious to any effects of addiction to the internet.
Watching them from the outside, these developments get more and more
of a concern to loved ones. There are specific types of internet
addiction such as cyber-relationships, cyber-porn, and gambling.
These have a direct threat to the success of a marriage and/or a

continuous habit of surfing the internet could also be destructive
indirectly. The effects can be seen in the way someone drifts away to
a point where he cannot interact with other people. It dangerously
affects the ability of people to have one-on-one conversations with
each other. People are now using texts and emails to talk to each
other instead of talking to one another face-to-face.

there will be a significant loss of relationships in the life of a
person. At the end of the day, one loses touch with life and their
self-identity. There are
people already obsessed with the internet

and are not able to control their tendencies online. Relationships
are now getting ruined through emotional, gaming and sexual
relationships facilitated through online platforms.

are now getting confronted with the results of divorce and other
physical consequences forcing them to look for both psychological and
medical treatment. This is especially due to cybersex that has led to
ruined individual relationships. People looking for sexual partners
from the internet have a high chance of contracting diseases and more
addiction as well.


one continues to commit most of their time in their online business,
they tend to cut themselves off their loved ones and friends. The
continuous effects of addiction to the internet can predispose an
individual to situations that involve depression and in extreme
cases, substance abuse. In such a situation, there is an absence of
social interaction leading to physical effects on an individual’s
brain chemistry and the general physical health.

internet addiction is just like other addictions in the sense that
severe symptoms show up with continued use. The effects can leave
someone unconscious to unmet needs for the social life. With the
increased depression symptoms, there is a chance of one abusing drugs
and alcohol. Again, internet users who don’t have self-control miss
body activity that could affect their general health.

of the people who have problems with social media use and internet
addiction go through anxiety and depression. These mental
complications usually have negative results on the members of a
family. With improper treatment of anxiety and depression, the
addicts and the larger family will have challenges in sustaining
positive and healthy relationships. Impaired social life leads to
other effects such as insomnia digging deeper into the problem of
compromised family relationships.

Bottom Line

of the commonly studied subjects at this age is the growing use of
internet among people cutting across all races, age, and geographical
locations. The obsession with the internet has had a negative effect
on social life. When users are unable to manage and exercise control
over their internet usage, relationships in the family get
compromised. To the addicted user, he or she may get depressed due to
their preoccupation with things that don’t add any value in their