Your mental strength is key in life, especially when running a business.

We all go through life where we are faced with challenges, that can affect our business in more ways than we think.

Stress is caused by external factors- a death, work related, financial relationships, or any kind of trauma but usually goes away after time or the stress has been taken away or has been resolved.

Anxiety is caused by internal factors – it’s your mind or body’s reaction to uncertain, stressful situations. You may always feel apprehensive or dreading something even when there is no obvious sign of threat. 

How you look after your mindset will impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to stop these challenges as it’s part of life, but we can change how we respond to them.

Our mind is programmed to keep us safe, and we tend to stay within our comfort zone and stick with what we know. This results in so many of us self-sabotaging at a deeper level without knowing we are doing it. As our business grows, so do our responsibilities as we face new challenges, which can cause common symptoms in entrepreneurs such as stress, anxiety and burnout.

This can result in our heads feeling under pressure, like a whirlpool spinning out of control. It may seem like your mind is going crazy, and maybe you feel depressed and stuck in your own head. 

Sometimes this can result in us making the wrong choices and adopt unhealthy habits, as people see this as an outlet. These addictions only make people feel better for a short time before they need more, if we are truly honest with ourselves, we know when we are trying to escape from our own mind.

The key is having an awareness, if you know you have an unhealthy attachment to something or someone, this is where you may need to reach out for support to change and break this cycle. 

Interestingly we all have materialistic things in our lives such as our phone, laptop, car etc which we tend to upgrade often. But unfortunately, people don’t realise the importance of upgrading their own mindset and mental wellbeing. 

Mental exhaustion builds up over a period, and our mind and body may start telling us we need a break. Physical illness manifests in our bodies over time and it’s important to take time to rest and re-evaluate how we can move forward. 

To have a healthy mind we need to build resilience. ….. but how do we do that? 

As business owners  it’s important to learn how to be flexible and know that things may change in life and business, sometimes these circumstances can cause upset, but we need to learn to adapt to these changes. 

Sometimes it’s important to look at the bigger picture which can often seem difficult to do, especially when we are focused on what was planned. In our experience, widening your perspective can help to view situations and experiences in a positive way. This helps you to realise that often things usually work out for the better, as everything we experience is a learning curve. Unfortunately some harder than others as we know. 

Being able to reflect on your experiences is a healthy state of mind. Having consistency in your business as a whole including looking after your mindset and wellbeing will help you to grow your business. 

But it starts with self-belief, if you believe you can, you will….

Many business owners will have had doubts about running a successful business, just like us. But we always knew that we were on this planet to do bigger and better things and that is why we all choose to become an entrepreneur. We see lots of entrepreneurs trying to find validation in what they offer, we know, because we did the same when we first started in business. Seeking your own permission, your own truth will help you to stay in your own lane. 

To conclude it’s ok to take time to process what you need, it’s ok to take a break and remember, if you’re not ok then neither is your business.

Written by Christine and Nicki- Blossoming Connections