COVID-19 is a deadly disease. It has ruined lives and caused many deaths. The workplace is one of the hotspot areas where this virus blossoms. Nevertheless, we have to be in an office and work to meet our needs. This hence necessitates inventing measures possible to minimize spread of COVID-19 in the office.

An office is a high-risk area where germs can easily hide and groom. Most of all, it is an avenue that houses different kinds of people.

As we speak, it is crystal clear that this disease is not leaving us anytime soon. We, therefore, need to derive measures that will help us survive in the midst of it. 

The following recommendations, if put in place, will help in ensuring our victory at the office. 

1.     Washing Of Hands Using Soap and Running Water

Hands are one of the quickest mediums through which germs spread. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that there is clean enough running water and soap in the office. Besides, supervisors need to teach their juniors how often they need to wash their hands and how to do it. 

Frequent and effective washing of hands will keep the germs at bay. Alternative to soap and water, one can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

How often then, should we wash or sanitize our hands? Let everybody wash their hands after touching public surfaces or sneezing.

2.     Have the Office Often Cleaned and Disinfected

Although COVID-19 is a dangerous affair, people have to work to meet their needs. Equally important, one’s family survival depends on this. As such, the economy has to be revived least they die of hunger.

But someone may ask why can’t we avoid the office and work at home? Good idea, but it’s not possible for the majority of the workers. Many of them have to report to an office due to one reason or the other. 

Where does this leave us then? We have to come up with workable ideas that will help minimize spread of COVID-19 in the office. One of these ideas is to frequently clean and disinfect the office.

3.     Have Flexible Work Shifts

Additionally, the managers and supervisors need to come up with flexible work shifts. Doing this will ensure that there is no congestion in the office. As such, it will be possible to maintain social distancing. This is a sure way to minimize spread of COVID-19 in the office.

Moreover, every supervisor should be on the lookout for any staff that portrays any signs of sickness. 


Additionally, supervisors ought to be knowledgeable on symptoms of COVID-19 and how they manifest. Thus should any staff portray these signs, they should be advised to self-quarantine at home. 

Subsequently, all staff with preexisting conditions should be allowed to work from home. Furthermore, be careful about who you allow visiting the office. Have the customers and visitors call in instead of presenting themselves face to face. 

4.     Make Sure Everybody inside the Office Wears a Medical Face Mask 

Wearing a face mask is one of the best ways that can be used to minimize spread of COVID-19. 

This is because it prevents one from coming into contact with droplets that may contain germs. Additionally, it ensures that other people are protected from the mask wearer.  

Nonetheless, precaution needs to be taken for people with breathing problems. As a matter of fact, they should be among the group working from home.

Additionally the workers ought to be careful when wearing the face masks. They should ensure that they don’t touch it with their hands. Alternatively, should this happen, they should wash or sanitize their hands. Lastly, ensure that there is proper disposal of the masks after use. 

5.     Avoid Shaking Of Hands and Hugging 

At no time should people come into contact. Remember the social distancing rule. Secondly, hands are a dangerous medium and do spread germs very fast

It is important to note that some people do not show symptoms of this disease. As such, we cannot afford to trust even our immediate neighbors. We ought to always be cautious. Do your due diligence to stay safe. 

Shaking of hands as a form of greeting is life to some of usWe cannot afford to do without it. It is so engraved in us. 

However, for the sake of our health, please let’s learn to do without it. Moreover, there are different ways we can use to supplement this form of greeting. Take the case of foot tap, waving, nodding, and elbow bump.

It is up to you to decide which one of the above to use in any given situation. 

The Verdict

How long the virus will be around is still unknown. Furthermore, there is no vaccine for this disease as we speak. It is, therefore, upon you as a worker to be steadfast and employ measures that will help minimize spread of COVID-19 in the office. 

Been in an office at this time is a dangerous affair. In fact, it is like facing a death sentence. Here, you are surrounded by all kinds of people. It is thus upon you to take care of yourself and your loved ones. 

For the sake of your children back at home, please be cautious. Employ the above-recommended measures, and you will be more than safe.