Live stream musician

Throughout the history of the world, entertainment has always shifted in the way it’s presented as time has passed. Beginning with stories told by word of mouth, to events held in gladiator arenas, to television and films are shown in movie theaters, the world is now shifting towards a new trend: live stream. 

Live streaming is changing the way people interact in their everyday lives. With the help of live stream software technology anyone can be the host and audiences are able to find live videos of things they are interested in. Live streaming has made an impact in several ways the world is used to working. 

The Entertainment Industry

In our current world climate, live streaming has become an important aspect of life for the entertainment industry. With the ability to live stream, music and event companies are able to transition in-person events online. Platforms have the ability to hold the same capacity as in-person events if not more. Although many people yearn for the return of dancing with their friends on the polo field, live streaming software, like PromoStream, has given an alternative to otherwise canceling the event in general. As popularity with live streaming continues, the future of the entertainment industry remains unknown, things may change as people will want to continue to stream events from the comfort of their own home.

News Broadcasts

Live streams have contributed to the changing ways people consume news. As streams become easily accessible through social media or other platforms, people are becoming more informed than ever before. In the past, people needed to have a television cable or a newspaper subscription to read about what was happening. Now, anyone has the ability to get on a live stream and report about issues or events that are occurring in the world. Reports and broadcasts are not as skewed as if someone was getting information from a cable network. 


Whether someone is looking to continue their education or are training for a new job, live streaming facilitates the process. With live streams, people can learn on the spot without having to be at an actual physical location. Training can be provided to many more people than if limited to the capacity of a room. Shifting instruction to a live stream can change the way Universities can operate and also the way businesses will create new market opportunities. 

World Development

The capacity that live streaming holds to unify people around the world for one cause is a powerful tool. The ability to join a live stream that may be hosted by another country can help people learn more about the world around them without having to actually travel there. People can now have the opportunity to open their minds to new cultures and events, bringing people together around the world and helping develop globalization.

The number of ways that live streams affect the world is endless. The shift will continue to bring in more changes to the way people interact with each other and the world around them. As people use to look forward to going out to an event on a specific Saturday night, people now are learning to enjoy that same event from the comfort of their living room.