A friend of mine posted this image yesterday. At first, I found it interesting, but irrelevant to me because I tend to let things go that were from my younger years – childhood and such.

HOWEVER, today, this is SUPER relevant because I realized that something as recent as YESTERDAY can hold that much weight. You can drag yesterday into today, and really, that’s what 95% of the population does. It’s never a brand new day. And even if we claim it is… say one bad thing happens… “AGAIN?!” we claim, “It’s all piling up,” right?

So how do you truly leave yesterday behind and start fresh?

It’s challenging when you think of it on this level, but what I’m observing lately is that I can leave yesterday behind by doing two things.

1.Writing out every thought and feeling I had yesterday. Typically a computer is the easiest way to do this, as per the delete button. This may feel silly at first, because you’ll want it to have flawless grammar and be a stunning piece, but it doesn’t work best that way. Just flow.

“Yesterday was GREAT until the end of the day. I felt like my body was rejecting something… I got REALLY exhausted and my body hurt. I made a BOMB dinner – southwest chicken, brussels, and french fries, but by the time I was halfway through cooking it, I wasn’t sure what was wrong. I also fell asleep on the floor at 9:30 then woke up at 9:50 and had 24930244 thoughts in my brain, and though my eyes were tired, I couldn’t fall asleep. “
– An excerpt from my process this morning

See? This excerpt makes no grammatical sense, but it literally just let me RELEASE what happened so I can step into a new day.


Lindsey Rago

2. Envision yourself stepping into a new day the way you WANT to. This does not mean you elaborate on how you feel right when you wake up (i.e. “I’m so tired, this is going to be a long day”); this is you making a conscious string of thoughts based around the version of you that you WANT to show up as. Is she calm, happy, positive, bright, fierce, a BA boss? Envision it, then observe how THAT is top of mind all day.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not risking every day of my life and letting my emotions drive me, absolutely not.

Think of these two practices as priming tools for your day. Don’t do them and you leave your day and your mood to chance.

Test them out and shoot me an email at [email protected] or find me on social!