Furlough has become the hottest trend in Corporate America. I hopped on the bandwagon this month, along with thousands of Americans. The purpose of furlough is to sustain corporations and prevent massive layoffs. I am grateful to retain my health benefits, but I can’t help but feel like my company initiated a break.

Furlough has painted my world grey the same way Ross tried to process his break with Rachel.

The lines of my emotions blur between business functionality and human decency. I am dumbfounded — my heart questions why executives continue to get paid full-time salaries.

My brain answers, “Welcome to Corporate America, you naïve millennial.”

I can empathize with Ross sulking in his conflicting emotions — because Rachel furloughed him!

I am not allowed to take paid time off or vacation. So, does this mean we are still together? I am no longer getting paid, but rules still apply. These existing guidelines feels like they stamped my forehead with “Property of Corporate America.”

My commitment to my company is as controversial as to whether Ross cheated on Rachel.

I am not laid off, but I am not guaranteed the return of my job. I am scrambling for unemployment checks as the executives remain financially unscathed. I owe it to myself to explore the job market, in case they do not want to get back together.

A relationship break will leave you feeling vulnerable.

Furlough has left me feeling hurt, confused, and undervalued. It highlights the greed of Corporate America and the holes in our federal governmentIt proves that money takes precedent over the well-being of human life. Furlough has shown me my place in the hierarchy of capitalism.

A reminder to know your worth.

If you have been placed on furlough or laid off, I am here to remind you that your worth is not attached to your job. I am here to remind you that you matter, regardless of your title. I promise you that what comes after a painful setback is a profound comeback.

Through setbacks, we grow.

Through uncertainty, we learn.

Through adversity, we evolve.

This trying time will change how we view our leaders on a corporate and federal level.

We have no choice but to accept events we cannot control. This experience will leave us with an unforgettable lesson to create a better future.

When it is our time to lead — I am looking at you, millennials — we will create solutions where no one is expendable.

When it is our time to lead we will be better.

We will do better.

This piece is the opinion of the author only and does not represent the views of any organization to which they belong. This article was originally published on Medium.