The cautionary tale of the Winchester Mystery House is a lesson of starting something without a desired outcome in mind. In matters large or small, the value of having a goal to aim for can’t be overstated.

A future where the lessons of the past guide us would result in a world that is kinder. A future that those who come after us would find more desirable that the current reality.

I have been observing the behavior of squirrels and their unintentional consequences.

Squirrels are excellent tree planters, even though that’s not their intention. During the good times when trees are producing acorns, not only will a squirrel eat as many nuts as it can possibly consume, but it also will bury some for the lean months ahead. When the plentiful supply runs out the squirrel goes back to the hoard and that nourishes her. However, some nuts have germinated and are now seedlings that if left to do what seedlings do, will end up being trees.
What happens thereafter is what I find interesting.
I have found out that it’s easier for me to uproot the seedlings as soon as they appear. The effort required is proportional to the age/size of the seedling (and later, tree). If I leave the seedling long enough to the point where uprooting is no longer viable, eventually I might have to hire a tree-service company to deal with the issue.

It’s easier dealing with things when they are in the early stages.

That principle would be great benefit if applied today. Where we are today, is the seedling stage of the tree problem, (as relates the challenges Coronavirus poses. Depending on what action is pursued, the outcome shall be the world we co-create.