There’s a longer story, of course, but the short version is that I had asked the universe how I was supposed to serve, and in a flash of insight I received an answer…  I was “told” that I going to write a series of children’s books about the energy of love, the name of the series, that the series would be written in rhyme scheme, the first two lines of the first book, and who the illustrator was meant to be.

I had never had such a specific flash before, so I knew that this was pretty serious stuff.  I started writing and the words flew out of me.  I wrote eleven books over the course of several months, finishing some within a couple of days and others within a couple of hours!   The first book, Did You Know? love-light, was released in December of 2019.  The next two books in the series, night sky and forevermore, are illustrated and nearly ready for publishing.  Mindfulness exercises are provided in each book.

I believe that my books speak to the child in us all, and my greatest hope is for families to read them together so that they can practice flowing the energy of love individually, with each other, and then out into the world.  

Here are excerpts from four of my books:

Did you know that when you say hi to the sky,
You are really saying hi to yourself?
You are made of the sun and the stars
And so much wonderful else!

Did you know that when you look up at the sky at night,
There’s so much for it to reveal?
There is something beyond what you can see,
There’s a connection for you to feel.

Did you know that the energy of love
Lasts way beyond forever and ever more?
It’s the energy that we all come from,
The divine spark of light at our very core.

Did you know that you are a piece of a puzzle,
A part of a whole,
A drop of water in the ocean,
A ray of light to behold?

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