Blessed are the isolated, blessed are self-imprisoned, the quarantined and the masked- souls; the strugglers finding some light at the end of tunnel, some still in deep darkness and some very enlightened. The reopening may show new different paths for managing living. The reclosing will bring some greater chaos. How enlightened and deeper thinkers are we becoming now or are we still lost in the deep fog? Celestial enlightenments descended during last 40 days and 40 nights with ghost of Coronavirus, tinkling our minds, tweaking our curiosity…

The human curiosity and common sense

What’s visible to our eyes does not live forever, but what is visible to our mind lives forever?

What’s audible as noise is often fake but what’s hidden is reality is often in a deep silence?

What is understanding without experience, what is knowledge without open heart and minds?

What is progress without real value created with diversity, tolerance and equality?

Are 40 days and 40 nights long enough to see the realities and feel the heartbeat of earth, muted by the jingles of change in the deep pockets?  Are the lower layers of earners resilient enough to sustain and try to uplift and grow because upper layers will stay firm, heavy and mesmerized with the post pandemic and as weight on progress?  

Life, liberty & happiness in abnormal living: It’s all about life, liberty and pursuits of happiness in any normal life, today, it is all about abnormality, global change, city by city, nation by nation, across the world. The new art and science on managing new abnormalities clearly isolates the old normality of the past, labeled as progress but in reality broken and mostly fake models.  The damages to mankind now clearly visible, as Magna Carta was neither broken but bad attitudes, nor the Declaration of Independence broken but the short sighted followers.  A new world opens as isolation of 40 days has suddenly awakened the global populace.

Coronavirus pandemic came like a message in a bottle of the shores of human wisdom, now demanding answers on our collectivism, exceptionalism and human ignorance, all simultaneously synchronized across the world and in real time. No other event of such live-inter-connectivity and hyper-speed ever mesmerized the world since the dawn of civilization.

Before the global populace simply picks up pitchforks to march and declare war or the other half of the digital divide and mobilize their cloud servers on digital platforms and call upon national leadership to speak the truth…all such movements of ‘wars of the wires’ digital social media, all in support of mankind, however, the crossroad is clearly marked towards ‘chaos and confusion’ and ‘stability and prosperity’ the smart decision and deep thinking with bold open debates are required.

What we may miss badly as good old yesterday; illusions of success, vision turning into hallucinations and destroying societies, creating panic, stress, anxieties and mental illnesses with extremely high cost of living. We are advancing, deeper in our thinking; we are rapidly richer in our experiences and becoming wiser in our expressions. Nevertheless, we are somewhat enlightened, as the 40 days, 40 nights have already done its magic. Now the time has arrived for all to come together and solve mankind problems

The Four Enlightenments:

The Personal Self-Discovery; close your eyes and discover your hidden talents, create supreme performance and become a global age thinker. This will open entrepreneurial thinking. This will sharpen your hobbies and highlight your hidden talents and this will also create occupational opportunities.

The Enterprising Journeys; open your eyes and study the global age and indulge at the enterprise level, build ideas and create growth. Do something phenomenal. This will open new business ideas. This will create your new roles in your surroundings.

The Communal Prosperity; open your mind and lead by example, deploy and create grassroots prosperity, improve surroundings, help teams, share knowledge and create extreme value. This will open collaborative thinking and leadership roles. You will feel the value of additional responsibilities and enjoy the outcomes.

The National Mobilization; open your heart and share your authoritative command and knowledge, mobilize and help your own nation and make sure it is moving in the right direction, assist in boosting your surroundings, communities and help  national economy. This is how grassroots prosperity expands.

Dream for a new world and march boldly, plan the next 1000 days very wisely, and rest is easy