The role of a marketer has changed from one of promoting the company and its brand to being a skilled professional that has their hands on the pulse of the company and foresight to react as necessary. These new roles can make it a challenge for a marketer to be everywhere and do everything that is needed to help his/her company achieve and promote in all the areas that are required in today’s technologically advanced marketplace.

Wearing multiple hats is the norm for marketers today rather than the exception as you are tasked to do more with less and provide amazing results regardless. Many marketers wear the following hats, and if you aren’t wearing all of them today, you will be wearing them soon.

The Idea Generator 

Being the one that comes up with brilliant concepts that help generate a buzz about your company is definitely what you signed up for as a marketer. This is the fun stuff. This is the part of your job that you live for and constantly want approval for. As a marketer, you will continually be thinking outside the box and developing ideas that are game changers when it comes to promoting your business. While nothing will change here, you will be coming up with more ideas that are just as outrageous as the next. The ability to top yourself each time becomes daunting but have faith in your abilities, as you will prevail.

The Penny Pincher The Tech Pro

While you can have all the intentions for grand promotions and marketing strategies, without the budget to pull it off, very little can be done. Your new role as a marketer is to keep an eye on the budget and make sure promotional ideas fall within the constraints of the funds that are available to it. It will be your responsibility to find ways to do more branding without spending more money, and you will find yourself pinching pennies to get the job done.

The Tech Pro 

As a marketer, you need to have a keen eye for technology trends that are coming your way and how to implement them as well. You will need to establish these new technologies as part of your business and integrate them as rapidly as you discover them. While you may not be tech savvy, you will soon find that you are the go-to source for all platforms that your business uses to promote its brand. This is a hat that may take some getting used to, but it will soon be worn, as you become an expert in technology platform-software at your company.

The Type “A” Analyst 

You’ll step out of your comfort zone and adopt a type “A” personality, as you soon become the business analyst for your company. You’ll have the responsibility for analytics that you’ll pour over to discover your customers’ likes and dislikes to make your marketing strategy more concise and targeted toward them. There is an extensive range of data available to you that now gives marketers leverage and helps them direct their campaigns to reach the exact customer base needed for new products and services from your company. If you are not using this data today, it is recommended that you get your hands on it as it is a valuable tool that can help you refine all your brand promotions.

The Customer Communicator 

Understanding your customer is nothing new to you, and this hat is one that you have worn for some time. You know everything about your customer and are constantly adjusting your strategy to suit their needs and desires as you see fit. You will continue to take the lead in this department and be the one that your company turns to when looking to persuade customers to buy and choose your company’s products and services. You will need to arm yourself with data on the very intricate details of your customers’ likes and be ready for their ever-changing tastes as it relates to your business’ offerings.

Project Lead

You’re the one that will oversee and lead your team to a victory with your brand promotions. You’ll have to stay on top of tasks and make sure that everything is falling into place within projected timelines and budgets. You will act as the project manager at times and also as the project lead. You’ll need to be the cheerleader and wave your hat to the masses to get their attention focused on your campaign initiatives. This is a critical role as you are the one that will ensure your ideas come to fruition and seal the brand awareness of your company. Falling short in these responsibilities could mean a failed campaign, so stay on your toes and follow-through from start to finish to ensure a successful completion of your project.

The marketer role is evolving and comprising a range of responsibilities that will fall on your shoulders as a marketer. You’ll definitely wear many hats today and into the future, but they will literally become a part of your everyday wardrobe that you’ll adorn with style and flare.