The Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the blend of algorithms and techniques that are intended to create machines that have the same capabilities as human beings, such as, perception, natural language processing, planning, logical reasoning, presentation of knowledge and general intelligence.

In the coming years, the adoption of this technology should happen exponentially, either for personal or business use, which will have an impact similar to that of the internet and smartphones.

“Just as the internet revolutionized many industries, we believe that AI will transform the way many companies operate, as well as the impacts that it will bring in various aspects of our personal lives. Possibly, there won’t a single application or process that does not take advantage of this technology, making it probably the biggest technological revolution of today.”

Here are seven application areas of AI

There are various areas where AI is being applied resulting in machines by carrying out certain tasks considered as human intelligence and reducing costs. Some of these areas are:

AI in medicine

Machines are now developed to allow the interpretation of medical images obtained by scanning devices, helping doctors to refine diagnostically depths that would otherwise be less precise.

Another area covered is the control of devices focused on intensive care, monitoring patients and learning their biological status under baselines that activate alarms when they are exceeded.

Another field to highlight is that of machines capable of designing prostheses to be adapted in various parts of the human body.

A field in clear evolution is the equipment destined to detect possible diseases that a patient could contract in the short or medium term, to achieve its prevention. There are many apps developed by top app development companies in India that can help you take care of your health.

AI in education

Researchers and developers pay attention to the application of AI in education. The machine is intended to learn the state of knowledge of the student, to guide him/her and propose a new concept of learning.

One aspect that has had an important evolution in this area is focused on training, where experts are developed based on video games to train people in various activities. They emphasize the training of aviation pilots, the training of operators for the handling of different tools and the simulation of surgical interventions. There are many apps developed by top app development companies that focuses on leaning.

AI in robotics

This is where the techniques of open programming have been used more emphatically and is the field where AI has had its greatest evolution by combining several of these techniques. Such techniques include the recognition of patterns to detection of objects or situations to exercise some movement and to learn the environments in which it is intended.

This area is clearly supported by various advanced institutions, such as NASA, as well as by private entrepreneurs who see strong promises in the development of robotic environments. For a group of researchers, the robots represent the highlights of the AI.

Many universities in the world have implemented laboratories and centers for the development of various types of robots, giving the promotion by several entities to award prizes to the achievements of international competitions and competitions.

AI in information management

This area of AI has had a recognized evolution in recent years, promoting environments for the information process and, in a relevant manner, in what is called Big Data, an environment that is part of the third platform in the field of information technology. As an instrument, data processing stands out, although it began its development more than three decades ago. The evolution of hardware and current operating systems has made it possible to develop software to process large storage of digitized data and in time spaces drastically less than the employees just ten or fifteen years ago.

Unfortunately, despite its potential, it is little demanded by organizations, possibly because it is still not fully understood by decision makers.

AI in Biology

One of the fields covered by this area is the development of applications to forecast the behavior and evolution of species of animals, plants or environmental elements. This is aimed at preventing the disappearance or extinction of some of them and trying to observe environmental conditions that could be given in the future considering the state of current habitats.

For the development of tools in this area are considered pattern recognition techniques coupled with mathematical models of Big Data as well as learning machines.

A field that stands out is the development of biological models that allow the monitoring of the behavior of various organisms, such as the development of embryos and the prediction of their evolution and growth. There are many apps developed by top app development companies that helps with the application of AI in biology.

AI in Space

Countries research the design, construction, and launch of spacecraft equipped with robots for measuring conditions in space outside the Earth and in celestial bodies such as planets, asteroids or comets. This requires AI applications developed by top app development companies that allows them to discover outstanding aspects of the objects to be reviewed.

Undoubtedly, laboratories and research centers dedicated to the support of research and space travel, such as NASA in the United States or Baikonur Cosmodrome in Russia, are an engine of constant contributions to AI. This area is destined to a greater extent to the construction of robotic cars, with special equipment that allows them to move intelligently in places of difficult access and issue relevant data for various types of studies required.

The result of these investigations, once released, help support other areas. In particular, one of the fields that have been invigorated with these developments is that of AI applied in military institutions, where the construction of intelligent weapons stands out.

AI in Natural Language Processing

One of the areas where AI has played an important role is in the construction of systems capable of recognizing, processing and emulating human language. Nowadays there are a good number of these systems based on recognition of textual and auditory patterns for translation of languages and learning machines. The efforts made more than three decades have allowed for systems that now overcome obstacles and difficulties.

Some providers already offer the public software capable of processing some natural languages, achieving simultaneous computer-assisted translations, both written and audio.

The achievements hope to achieve visualization. Very soon, there will be an approach between people who speak different languages and can communicate with each other using their own language. This is an area for which spectacular results were promised.

Other application areas

The techniques applied to AI have served in recent years to support various activities of daily life, such as the recognition of patterns in legal research to identify people from a few traits such as fingerprints, DNA. In several cities of the world, one of the applications of AI has been directed to traffic management, supporting urban and architectural design to allow better mobility, predicting the behavior of the objects used and proposing new environments.

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