Until a few years ago, having a robust LinkedIn profile did not matter. Most LinkedIn profiles represented a resume dump. Conversations, visibility, and social reach were limited and deemed unimportant.

With over 700 million users on the platform today (up several hundred million from just two years ago), LinkedIn has become the number one resource for job seekers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and all professionals. It’s a place where you can get immediately seen and noticed by a recruiter or prospective employer. It’s also a place to build a personal brand, create a network and community, and share thought leadership to drive lead generation and direct access to your business.

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has made enormous strides in optimizing the platform to enhance the user experience for all professionals. In 2016, LinkedIn changed the algorithm by enabling job seekers to flip on a switch allowing recruiters to know that the job seeker was actively looking, but without alerting an employer. That same switch allowed job seekers to acquire more relevant job recommendations, target key industries, list desired roles, and craft a 300-word introduction to recruiters about their job search interests. Over time, LinkedIn refined that tool which now allows for job seekers to list targeted job titles in multiple geographic locations.

I previously wrote in the HuffPost about the widening gap of talent and digital skills in the workforce according to LinkedIn. The platform continues to increase user interfacing through online courses and training to help increase knowledge for these digital skills. In recent months, LinkedIn has added in a “Features” tab which allows career experts like myself to display important media, awards, and other valuable insights for job seekers and professionals.

I remind my executive clients that they need to stay on the cutting edge of LinkedIn and aware of changes that roll out every few months. Keep in mind that not every person is using LinkedIn for the same purpose – some are not actively job seeking but receive direct opportunities because of the profile optimization, whereas others use the platform to promote their podcast, product, or service. LinkedIn has created its own Google search engine as AI software has evolved, which is why it’s imperative for every professional and business to have an optimized and active profile that hinges on the keywords recruiters or potential clients would seek out.

According to a new blog post  by LinkedIn CEO, Ryan Roslansky, 3 people are hired every second through LinkedIn’s community. Imagine that. 3 people hired every second on a social media platform! LinkedIn recently launched its “Open to Work” feature which includes a photo frame letting users showcase their job search needs in a direct fashion on their profile. While there were many pros and cons by users and career professionals as to the efficacy of this feature, Rolansky noted that nearly 2.5 million users adopted use of this feature and early results “show members with the Open to Work photo frame are receiving 40% more InMails from recruiters and 20% more messages from the LinkedIn community.”

As times continue to change and AI software continues to gain consumer insights , LinkedIn has created new items that include the following:

  • New redesign with a streamlined search experience and a dark mode
  • Refined job search capabilities
  • A “stories” feature similar to Facebook and Instagram to create more human interaction
  • Video calls through a message thread

If you’re on the fence about leveraging LinkedIn for your personal brand or questioning the need to utilize the platform to enhance your personal brand or workplace opportunities, remember that as the digital age evolves, so does the process of job searching, building a network, and creating new roadmaps to professional success. The strategies of yesterday are not the strategies of tomorrow.


  • Wendi Weiner

    Personal Branding & Career Expert

    Wendi Weiner is an attorney and award-winning writer who has been featured in over 75 major media outlets (including CNN, HuffPost, Money, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider) as a top authority in personal branding, social storytelling, career strategy, and the job search process. As a solopreneur and owner of The Writing Guru, her trademarked namesake company, Wendi holds 6 certifications in resume writing, personal branding, career coaching, and a pioneer certification in LinkedIn training and usage. She is the country’s only Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) who is a licensed attorney, and she holds a pioneer certification in LinkedIn training and usage.   Wendi has been credited with more than 10 honors and awards for her ability to create powerful career and personal brands for attorneys, top executives, and C-suite leaders for their job search, LinkedIn presence, and digital footprint. She additionally provides high-impact content writing for corporations and major publications, and speaks on the global level about personal branding, resume writing, business professionalism, reputation management, and social networking.   Wendi's own career background includes serving as a college writing professor for 7 years while simultaneously practicing law for almost 12 years, both in big law and in-house for a Fortune 200 company. Wendi is an active member of the Florida Bar since 2004, and she holds a J.D. from Stetson University College of Law and an undergraduate degree in English from Florida State University.