Staying in our comfort zones is so much easier. However organisations or individuals who do this may be at risk. Employees and employers will be expected to adapt to the demands of the post-covid workplace. 

What will this evolution look like?

In 2015, Jacob Morgan in his book ‘The future of work’ detailed what the evolution of the employee would look like and this is even more relevant today.

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I’ll share some reasons why this evolution is important;

1.   Flexible working– Now, more than ever, employees are able to work anywhere, anytime The workplace has changed so that employees can focus on getting things done, no matter where or when.

2.   Focus on quality– People who can confidently manage their workloads and deliver quality work, no matter where they are will be valuable to any organisation.

3.   Focus on adaptive learning– employees will now be expected to adapt quickly and learn new things. the true test of a good employee will be his or her ability to continue learning on the job.

4.   Sharing information– Gone are the days when employees would hoard information in order to appear more knowledgeable. Creativity, innovation and solution focus are the new order. This in turn leads t o collaboration as employees are more likely to feel part of a team they can share information with, instead of competing against one another.

5.   Leadership. As employers encourage employees to be innovative,  employees in return can prove themselves  are encouraging creativity and solutions, more employees have the chance to prove themselves and ascend to leadership roles.

Can you relate with any of these points?How are you and your employees evolving? Tag someone who needs to read this..