Recovery Direct, located in Cape Town, South Africa, is a rehab centre with a unique approach to treating mental health and substance use disorders. Its promise of excellence and fulfilment is rooted in a remarkable history, exquisite location and distinct features.

What makes Recovery Direct different?

1. Groundbreaking Programs

Recovery Direct’s unique mental health recovery programs result from extensive refinements that they implement after conducting their own research on existing solutions. Their techniques and services are routinely reviewed to ensure short and long term satisfaction.

Of course, all rehab facilities say their systems are the best, but Recovery Direct’s operations are reinforced by the personal histories and intense involvement of the people who own and run the centre – This is the reality that drives their success rates.

2. Grassroots Dedication

The insight and passion of Recovery Direct’s founding members stem from their own experiences as former patients in other centres. They often found that important aspects of their rehab stints were flawed. This inspired them to start Recovery Direct and to focus on giving patients the priorities they need for enthusiastic participation and successful outcomes.

After acquiring a suitable environment, the founding members studied, developed and tested their recovery programs and day-to-day management policies. Over time, with the addition of other professionals, patient-focused staff and support services, they established a reputation of refined excellence.

3. Discreet Metropolitan Location

Recovery Direct’s neatly restored mansions are located in an historical suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It shelters between the monumental Table Mountain and the merging Atlantic and Indian oceans. While its immediate surrounds are serene and peaceful, it fringes on the bustling city, with access to an international airport, world-class medical facilities and modern internet services.

4. Custom-Designed Activities

Recovery Direct’s therapists’ design personalised treatment plans for individual patients. SUD, stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders and many other disorders are treated. Options include residential, outpatient, high profile, executive, family and couples programs. Accommodation can be shared or private; rooms or suites.

Daily schedules are dynamic and time-efficient, with a line-up of group sessions, one-on-one therapy, and additional activities. Special diets and other holistic therapies can be arranged. The centre is impartial to ethnic, religious and similar affiliations. They cater for local and overseas patients.

5. Online Video Streaming

Recovery Direct also present online recovery courses through video streaming. These courses are presented by inhouse counsellors in secure online environments. Aftercare patients and family members in distant locations can also participate in virtual live sessions with counsellors.

6. Share it

Recovery Direct’s website is a definite “must-share” for anybody concerned about mental health or substance use disorders.