Like many of you- when I get something in my head, like a short or long term goal, I go and chase it. I chase it hard. I sacrifice things, even very important things in exchange for achievement.

That is the problem and not the solution.

Working with many Executives and CEOs, I have seen something interesting happen to them around age 45; They Wake Up.

They wake up from the super charged business coma they have been in since departing the safety net of college living and parental capitalization.

After 20 years of “grinding” and “pounding” the pavement, they look in the mirror and see an aging, gray haired, sagging, mentally exhausted, physically decayed face and body of a man or women that has just been at war with themselves, the business world, their employees, and often times even the entity they just built.

At this stage- they are facing borderline depression with the only thing keeping them from falling totally into the abyss is their managed money accounts and usually a home that was considered their dream- and their families.

This is a classic case of generating wealth at the price of your health.

Also known as “The Fastest Way to Die”….

Look at the Corporate World.. it is a mess in regards to Executive and Employee welfare, usually as a result of the hard pushing, hard driving CEO who has not woken up yet to his or her own condition.

Now people are citing Companies like Google are making a change in employee welfare (not true).. as they are more or less bribing/ swindling their employees to stay at work longer — if you see through the lines as a CEO and not an ignorant worker.

The difference between the Corporate World and the Sports World is that athletes realize if they don’t take care of their bodies and mind, they will never be wealthy as a result of poor on-field play or no on-field play as a result of injury.

Many business types are playing hurt everyday — high blood pressure, migraines, back pain, stress/anxiety at deadly levels, distracted, frustrated, and forcing themselves to do things at the mercy of their own health.

Now that we realize this — we have to remember the words of Mariano Rivera, “I never focused on wealth, I focused on being a great pitcher and taking care of myself… as a result I became wealthy”

What if you switched gears and actually put your health first, with confidence and zero guilt? Would your entity still be in existence? Would your department still run? Of course.. the question is do you have the guts to make the change?

Picture this: Your new life plan and blueprint is focused on YOU. (the main person everybody loves to focus on anyway so it shouldn’t be to hard).

You will put in place a plan that focuses on Exercise, Recovery, Nutrition, Mindset/Enrichment and Sleep — — executing this everyday after you write down your current baselines of “where you are today”. I would even put down current income levels…

Over the course of 3 months, take a weekly measure of “how you feel” in a very subjective way.. as well as your income levels… With greater health typically comes great wealth.

Building greater health builds the trifecta of self-esteem, mojo, and confidence.. three key ingredients to business and life success. Even if you have already achieved success and feel you have the “trifecta” working… I will guarantee you that you have lost your edge… go get it back by focusing on yourself! #trainlikeapro

Originally published at danacavalea.com.