“She was never quite ready, but she was brave. And the Universe listens to brave.”

-Rebecca Ray

Remember when you were a kid at an amusement park and there was a roller coaster? You may have been one of those kids who wanted to ride it over and over again. Or, maybe you were the one who really wanted to, but couldn’t get past the guttural fear. Well, I wasn’t either of those kids. I really, genuinely did NOT want to go on that ride (cue horrible memory of vomiting off the side of a full motion roller coaster!).

Regardless of what GOT me on the roller coaster (peer pressure, a need to please, or curiosity) the truth is, it felt amazing getting off that ride. It was almost amazing enough to want to do it again! The “Fear vs. Bravery Ride” works the same in adult life as in childhood. When you take scary steps to becoming your next-level self, you get a rush, and it may just be the unforeseen momentum that will keep you moving forward.

This journey really is a roller coaster. It’s a wild ride involving growth, setbacks, learning, and moments of practice, highs, and many, many lows. Everyone’s starting point is exactly that: the start! As we keep trying, we move forward: learning, growing, and improving. All amazing stuff, but we had to start the journey.

Here is some sage advice: let it suck! Embrace the terrible. Keep moving forward. Keep trying new things. Keep showing up for yourself and your dreams.

And how do you do that? Get. On. The. Roller coaster!

You must act. You must get uncomfortable. You must do the scary things. Scary sucks! It really does, but the “scary” and “uncomfortable” places are the only route to true self change, growth, and success. So, DO the scary thing. Be brave. Go all in…and hold on. It’s going to be a fun ride! 

Ask yourself: what scary thing have you been avoiding?

What scary action step will get you one inch closer to your next-level self?

What can you do today? 

Liz Reddick is a #1 Bestselling author, speaker and mindset coach. Helping women follow their joy, connect to their intuition and create more abundance in their lives.  Grab Liz’s Free Energy Shift toolkit here.