In the attention economy- the currency of the 21st century– whoever has your time has you.

Whenever you solve people’s problems, you get paid, but anytime someone solves your problem, they get paid. This is how the world transacts!

In the attention economy- whatever you are glued to is solving a need (including the ones you didn’t know you had) and a want.

Because we are in a digital era, and with the fact that COVID-19 is making more people work remotely, I have to ask-

WHO IS IN CHARGE OF YOUR TIME, your Device, or You?

Are your activities for the day defined by a bright light that pops up on your devices, or do you have set times to intentionally and productively use your devices?

When your devices become a platform for escapism- you will escape quite all right, howbeit, for a moment, and reward everybody else but yourself.

The purpose of technology, amongst other things, is to improve our productivity, while making the process easier, faster and better, and so, if your use of technology is leaving you worse off, and more addicted than productive, then, your digital wellbeing might be in trouble.

This is why one of the first things digital wellness tries to do is to bring your attention to how you are using your time on those devices because whatever has your time has you.

If we are ever going to have social awareness, we must first have built self-awareness!

So, I have to ask, are you digitally healthy?

This is an important question to answer because, if you understand how algorithms are designed, then you also would know that most tech creations are designed to take your time with an endless option of possibilities- whether or not meaningful to you.

We must realize that we cannot blame technology and or its creators for how we interact with technology as every one of us has to take responsibility for his/her actions and wellbeing.

Of the truth, our digital footprints are a telling of some of the features of who we currently are-

Don’t you think?