The world’s current situation is something that most people did not expect to experience in their lifetime. In reality, the new normal brought about by the deadly pandemic will test every person’s mettle and will to survive. It is a make or break season, and everyone can only hope to come out unscathed. The Fight to EnlightInitiation Through the Heart Is the Only Way to Win written by Seth Leaf Pruzansky is a highly recommended read to help fight the many discouraging effects of COVID-19 in everyone’s way of life.

Seth Leaf Pruzansky pours out his challenging life experiences in his book with every intention to show readers that they, too, have the ability to survive life’s most difficult situations the way he did. The author discovered the secret to profound healing, self-liberation, and resilience after having gone through several near-death experiences in life. His priceless realizations were also brought about by the trauma of experiencing childhood bullying, financial collapse, chronic illness, extreme drug addiction, incarceration, and major heartbreak. 

The author grew up in a mountain home with his hippie parents in Canaan, Maine. He had a deep appreciation of nature and its many facets, including how it taught him to be discerning, sensitive, and appreciative. His peaceful way of life, however, was challenged when his family moved to the suburbs while he was in grade school. The young Seth had trouble fitting in with his classmates as they bullied him incessantly for his Russian Jewish heritage. He was also physically abused by the other students, and it eventually resulted in his dropping out of school.

What was supposed to be the end of his rope turned out to be essential events that led him to realize that there is a way to heal from life’s greatest hurts and that it is possible to do it with calmness and confidence.

“I want them to feel like whatever trials, tribulations, isolations or challenges they’re going through, they’re not alone. I want them to truly feel empowered and know that they can overcome anything, and that there are people like me who will gladly show them how to heal no matter what they’re facing, just as I have,” Seth explains.

Most people are apprehensive about facing their fears. Seth is teaching his followers to open up to them instead and face them head-on. His website and book are devoted to helping people awaken to the inner power they possess. Tapping into this innate power helps them heal, combat stress, manage their emotions, and see things from a better perspective. 

Seth believes that his book is able to reach out to millions of people around the world who are currently wallowing in despair as they struggle to survive despite the pandemic. While it has taken away many lives, humbled world leaders, affected economies overnight, and changed the way people live, there is one thing that the pandemic cannot take away from humanity: the choice to win against it.

Nobody needs to live in isolation. In truth, these events are best lived with people who are also bent on surviving and thriving. This is what Seth Leaf Pruzansky hopes to inspire among his readers.

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