In the beachy, artsy town of Laguna Beach, California, a world class fine art event takes place every summer since 1933! The Pageant of the Masters was originally an afterthought publicity gimmick to celebrate the Festival of The Arts which is the main attraction of this town. This has become one of the most unique theatrical celebrations, attracting visitors from across the globe. As a summer tradition for 85 years, the highest quality colony of artists that participate in this event is astounding. 

The Garden Wall by John Singer Sergeant, above

Year after year, generations of locals are thrilled to be a part of this ‘living pictures’ presentation.  Real people are magically transformed into life-sized re-creations of famous works of art. Visitors are surprised and enchanted by the multimedia aspects that delight all of the senses. Many children participate and go on year after year as treasured performers.

Cutting Glass, Gary Prettyman, above

This year’s theme is “Under the Sun” produced and directed by Diane Challis Davy, who has been with the pageant for 23 years! In fact the participants are volunteers who come back year after year, because it is a privilege and prestigious honor to be a part of this one-of-a-kind staged entertainment extravaganza. From the dreamy lighting that creates illusions of reality, to the music by a real orchestra, to the narration by a fine quality stage actor, Richard Doyle. the performance is a real hit for all ages.

The evolution of this event began when the beauty of this beach town attracted artists who were seeking plein air vistas to paint and live for their artistic creations.  The natural landscapes that inspired these artists range from the Pacific Ocean to the mountains, deserts and of course, the light. Impressionist painters fell in love with their muse, the coastline and vistas, thus the beginning of the Laguna Beach artists’ colony has become a world class inspiration for all kinds of artists.

Lighthouse Walk, above

This year’s Under the Sun theme include works by many of Laguna’s early masters: Anna Hills, William Griffith, Rex Brandt, Julia Bracken Wendt and Joseph Kleitsch. These inspired talents of the early twentieth century set the stage for a memorable art creation that has lingered on making them immortalized. The theme evokes an awareness and appreciation of the beauty of nature, to focus on the artists who choose to paint in the open air and the influence of the French Impressionists across the world.

These artists truly are masters of the fine art of living well. They are devoted to their creative spirit and live to express their craft, as they uplift and inspire all who are thrilled to experience this wonderful event. Tickets are on sale, July 7 – September 1, 2018, Nightly at 8:30pm….. so hurry up!


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