We were born into this world, as students of the world ?

We’re all just students making our way into a vast worldly playground of adventures, trials, lessons and learnings.

When we’re young we actually believe our parents and older people have it all figured out too! 

As we we develop we discover that everyones just a player in the same game. We can live similar story lines and journeys to others, yet we sit at the foot of an unfathomable cosmic web that weaves every individuals journey in a totally unique and miraculous way.

As we develop ourselves personally through any means of self-growth methodology, our awareness becomes more sharp and laser like, penetrating things that could simply not be penetrated at the new depth before.

Within this setting we are able to gain HUGE insight and breakthroughs as to the larger scope of WHAT has actually played out, WHY, and HOW we can support ourselves in it not happening that way again… 

What our deeper hurts are, what our needs are that weren’t being met, whatever void of hurt, despair and not-knowing we were trying desperately to fill by any means possible.

These are our breakthrough moments – Our own personal moments of triumph!!

Yet, within this dynamic a trap is set…

We are reminded even more deeply of all things past.

We see with clarity where more accountability could have been taken… Where our gaping blind spots were… Where our ego and arrogance reigned supreme and how we showed up anything but impeccably in our words, actions and deeds… 

Where things could actually even be more ‘our fault’ than previously thought! ?

We are reminded of all these things, uncomfortable as they were, are, and now seem to once again be!

Yet, we are being shown these things, possibly for the final time as they clear out of the vehicle to make way for the new…

The fresh. 

The decompressed!

The future of aliveness and freedom that was anything but the past.

The TRAP in these times of TRIUMPH – To not allow the mind, and that very practical and believable voice of the inner critic to come in for another crack about what it’s possibly caned us for a thousand times before…

This IS the moment of triumph. Of LET GO, EXPANSE and FREEDOM ?

To let all of the stories, the pain, all the density that has dragged us down for this long, GO.

To allow the mind to calm, through any means possible. To wrap ourselves in gentleness, a sense of care, compassion and as much self forgiveness as we possibly can.

This is an important crux point. A fine line that asks to be navigated with a greater sense of precision by any who work on their internal worlds. 

To improve our self-forgiveness – An art form that takes practice and many mutations to master ?

To forgive ourselves and everyone for ultimately everything and to remember the ridiculousness of this planetary trip, and the futility that goes along with missing ‘perfection’ and being a human in these physical bodies this time around.