The first breakfast that one must feed to body is “OXYGEN” through breathing exercises ( Pranayam ). After charging our body with Oxygen, it will cleanse our body and we will be tuned well to do meditation and experience it’s full benefits. 

 Our thoughts are nothing but our ego that we are identified with. Ego is good, bit it has more negative effects too, hence we are constantly dragged to its trap and find ourselves in unhappiness and stress. Leading the life with more awareness means leading the life by controlling our egos by experiencing the root cause of it and it’s impact in life. 

As we all see that Lotus flower used as a symbol for peace in many traditions. Because It leads a unique life. It takes birth in muddy waters and grows in that polluted water. It doesn’t die in polluted water, instead it strengthens itself in it’s roots to receive only positive strength , It wins even in troubled environment by not losing it’s true inner nature, it lives without negative aspects of ego. The same quality is established and reflected in it’s appearance, it looks very beautiful and peaceful with it’s inner strength.

 Meditation helps us to live with our original nature even in the disturbed environment without negative aspects of ego just like the lotus flower. Hence we all must practice Pranayam to condition our mind which will help us to be receptive to receive the full benefits of Meditation.


  • Krishna Kishore

    meditation practitioner

    Meditation, Psychic reading ( Trained by Debra Lynn Katz from International School of Clairvoyance),Quantum physics and spirituality, Philosophy, Ayurveda and Nature Healing are some of my deepest interests. I read books that touch variety of subjects. I am a continuous learner and thinker. Meditation practice helped me to understand my life situation better and I came out of many issues. I thought there are many around me who are in the same situation, hence, I started sharing benefits of meditation with very simple examples to make everyone in the world understand the importance of doing Meditation. By profession I am into Talent Acquisition, I am a recruiter. Currently working with a company called Postman in Bangalore, India. In past I worked with Indeed,Inc, Google, Yahoo! R&D ,and Walmart as a recruiter. I am married and blessed with a cute little angel.