Feeling free to pursue what one loves, building up the courage to discover one’s greatest potential, having the opportunity to have one’s authentic voice heard, touching the lives of people all around our beautiful blue planet, are, in my opinion, some of the greatest accomplishments an artist could possibly attain in a lifetime. Today, I certainly feel as if I am past the takeoff phase, holding in my hands my first published book “A Poetess’ First Flight.” Yet, without the courage to leap forward wholeheartedly into the unknown trusting in my abilities, the flight would never stretch to other extraordinary horizons. In order to fly into the unknown, the plane actually has to take off. And you cannot expect to experience the takeoff while sitting stock-still in the pilot seat but you can expect missing out on the potentially greatest adventures of your life. In my personal life, having been stuck in the stock-still position wasn’t due to a lack of skill or due to a lazy attitude; it was simply that I just wasn’t asking myself the right questions. Those questions’ answers would have an inevitable and direct impact that would hit me with urgency, so I thought and so it actually turned out to be. Sometimes all it takes to shift your life toward the right direction, you see, is but a simple question. One question can lead you to follow your heart’s calling, one question can change the backdrop of your life’s canvas. For instance, what if I asked you “Are you wasting your time?” And if you are going to answer it, will you answer it truthfully, fully, meaning it with all your might? You see, anything significant we do in life, that truly can be accomplished in a stellar manner, requires our full investment of ourselves. If we are going to reach our greatest potential, we need to give our goals our best, our all, everything we can possibly give. That is not to suggest that we ought to ignore our obligations or our loved ones. However, we cannot afford to neglect ourselves while serving everything and everyone else. Feeling free to pursue what I loved, I started at poem number one.

The first flight of the poetess in me was a vigorous stretch, the most beautiful display of passion in my life I wouldn’t trade for anything in the whole wide world. It took great sacrifices, much courage, and a whole lot of guts to leap into the unknown meanwhile leaning on great passion and hope. I felt extremely set on fire to get my work published and was not going to settle until I saw my dream realized. Why? Because I believe that dreams can be attained via hard work, perseverance, and great passion. Moreover, because I deeply believe that it is never too late to follow the calling of one’s heart, that brightly shining spark within that gives our lives the greatest sense of meaning and purpose, in my case to who I am as a writer and artist. My first published book “A Poetess’ First Flight” represents my first takeoff from the enclosed cocoon stage to the wings-stretched-out in flight phase; the most meaningful transformation I have undertaken in my life all because of a DECISION.

The Poetess
poem by
Carmen A. Cisnadean
Ink painting the creative runway
Easing the final landing
Epilogue, the fly system unveiling
The heart’s lyrical unearthing
Voice of the poetess
Diamond sprinkled resounding
End of the first, poetic flight.
The quenching has been satisfied
Dreams draped in lyrical eyeful,
The written outburst
Stars swept in splendor
Resting in my palm
Priceless memento, the manuscript,
The writer’s heartfelt sentiments.
Enraptured by the journey’s quest,
The flight over places new,
Discoveries over
The travel that is boundless
Word mining, arduous but passionate,
Lyrical jewels, adorning
The poetess. 

Carmen A. K
(aka Carmen A. Cisnadean)


  • Carmen A. Cisnadean

    The Creative Visionary

    My love and passion for the written word, for the power of language and communication, has led me to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Minor in Russian from the University of South Carolina, a school that graced me with cum laude honors. My intention was born out of an immense appreciation for language as a powerful means of communication, a vital and indispensable component of human life. Studying language and culture, augmented my appreciation for the complexity and importance of language and the written word as a whole in the context of not only human life but also social interaction. When I was a child, my favorite toy was a movie projector. I was fascinated with the process of storytelling and loved being the narrator. For me, however, it wasn’t just about the words and how the words were precisely spoken and carefully chosen, but also about the visual art accompanying the words, the experience as a whole, and the overall message which fascinated me.

    In my free time, I love to sketch, ink, draw, read, learn, research, listen to classical music, create, spend time in nature, and experiment with words. When it comes to writing, my poetry writing is very closely linked to outstanding music and fantastic visual art, both which serve as major sources of inspiration and influence in my life. I have many artists I adore, but two of my absolute favorites are the Russian artist Michael Cheval and the English artist John William Waterhouse. Two of my favorite composers of music are the Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski and the German composer Hans Zimmer, both composers of film scores, and composers like Dvorak, Wagner, Paganini, Rossini, Schubert, Vivaldi, Korsakov, Mozart, Saint-Saëns, to name just a few. When it comes to literature I love the romantics. My favorite poetess is Emily Dickinson and my favorite poet is Mihai Eminescu.

    In summary, I am a woman that believes in the power and beauty of authentic artistic expression, in the power to be a positive influence in the world. Should you desire to learn more, please visit my website at https://www.carmenthecreativevisionary.com/