Building upon the five principles of living unbound, the five layers of unbound writing gently guide you in diving more deeply into the rich tapestry that you are here to create with your words.

Let us anchor more snugly into this transformative process as we slowly and deliciously soften into each layer…

Layer One: Allow pleasure to be your compass

This layer involves tipping the patriarchal notion of focusing on what everyone else wants on its head, and viewing the book writing journey with fresh, playful eyes. I invite you to consider how you can allow pleasure to guide you in the writing process because if you do, everything else will fall into place. Despite what we’ve been conditioned to believe, the creative process can feel like a treat; sensual, even – if only you allow yourself to view it that way. Take it from me: your pleasure is your power, so give yourself permission to indulge. Leave sacrifice and depriving yourself of joy at the door, and take my hand as we dance into Layer Two.

Layer Two: Allow your cyclical nature

Again, this layer is about eschewing traditional views that things have to be done in a linear way. We are cyclical beings, and I encourage you to embrace this in your writing process as you start to pay attention to your own unique ebb and flow.

Just start.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have it all figured out before you begin writing – you certainly don’t have your book all mapped out in the early stages and there are times when you will just be.

Allowing yourself not to know is one the most powerful things you can do. The inherent magic of time spent sitting in the void is that ideas will drop in, like breadcrumbs of inspiration that your muse will eagerly weave her way towards as she gathers up each precious one.

Nicola Humber

Layer Three: Allow your writing to take you more deeply into your gift

This layer links beautifully with the living unbound principle to ‘live your gift’ and again, it’s about changing your perception: see your writing as a way to move more deeply into your gift.

The exquisite revelation I wish to highlight here is that your very existence is a gift, and this gift will be infused into the words you write. Know that you are a way-finder, and your unique story is the key that will unlock and activate others.

The golden thread that connects every aspect of your experience will shine through in your writing and, most importantly, this golden thread is exclusively yours.

It doesn’t matter if a message has been shared by others before, because they are not you. Experiment with taking up space and consciously choosing to be ‘too much’ as you write.

Layer Four: Allow your writing to hold the quality of sisterhood

It’s true to say that you COULD do this alone, but why not allow yourself to be supported?

Writing a book can be hard and I know all too well that the temptation to simply give up will at times be strong.

There’s a certain potency about having someone to hold you accountable, whether that’s one other writer, a writing group or a mastermind like mine. Please know, dear one, that you deserve to be supported and cheered on as you birth your creation into the world.

Layer Five: Allow your writing to alchemise your shadow

There is a certain beauty in viewing the whole process of writing a book as a powerful opportunity for shadow integration, because allowing yourself to be seen in glorious technicolour creates a genuine connection with your reader.

How amazing is that?

Take a deep breath and drop the fear of being judged as you give voice to your soul, becoming more alive with each truthful word as the world responds and the Universe cheers you on.

You might as well experience the liberation of sharing your truth because I’m here to remind you now that you can’t control how others react to you, full stop.

If there are reasons it feels too risky to be bold in your truth as you write, reach out to me for support because your words are so very important. No matter what your fears tell you, your story matters.