It takes a special kind of skill set to attend law school. Becoming a successful lawyer requires a certain type of leadership. How does one know if one has what it takes to be innovative in law school and beyond?

1) Any true leader has very strong communications skills. Strong communication skills and leadership go hand-in-hand. One needs to know how to speak directly, but not too directly. One has to be aggressive, but not too aggressive. 

One has to know how to communicate through oral and written arguments. One could have strong written skills, but fail when it comes to talking in public. To be innovative in law school and beyond, one has to have both. 

One can get help with writing skills if that is not one’s strong suit. There are communities in school that help with this. The more active one is in school, the more developed one’s skills will be. That will also prove beneficial when one is looking to get a high paying job.

2) One has to have good emotional intelligence. Being a good leader in law and beyond requires one to listen actively to what others are saying. It also requires one to consider other views, even when one does not necessarily agree with them.

The proof of a good lawyer in school is when one can argue both sides of any case. 

Once again, one might not agree with one side or the other, but one can understand the viewpoint. Not many can do this successfully. It requires a special skill set that is sometimes lacking in today’s law field. One can gain the edge by acquiring this skill (whether the skill is natural or learned).

3) One has to know one’s way around technology. Working in the law field requires knowing one’s way around things like word processing, documentation software, and litigation support, and that is only the beginning.

One way to show skills with innovation is by knowing more than the average person. It is not enough for one to know simple things like WordPress and the harddrive. 

4) One has to be tenacious. Tenacity is one sure-fire way for one to get the edge on the completion, even in school.

Malcolm: She’s tenacious.
Alan Grant: One has no idea.
Jurassic Park 1992

One also has to be resilient. One cannot give up, even when the odds are against one.

5) One also has to work well with a team. One does not have to be best friends with everyone, but one should know how to work as part of a team. Working alone is okay in some instances. A true test of one’s resilience is when one is required to work with others in school and the office. 

Only those with these skills can make it to the top. Does one have what it takes?