Life has a plan for you and it’s your job to watch as it unfolds. But there’s more then just what you see. Your dreams, your vision and your hopes for what you desire in life will placate your mind and stop you in your tracks. So if you don’t follow your heart and you don’t chase your dreams you’ll forever look back and wonder what if.

     But why is it that so many of us can unwillingly throw ourselves into the fire and start something new without wondering what if?

     You have the vision, the dreams, the tenacity and the courage to follow your heart but you don’t have the blueprint. The diagram that tells you how it will all unfold. So you think about it and sit on it, and then before you know it that dream, that beautiful dream that was once finely detailed, becomes a mere thought in your head.

     And that thought has grown and multiplied and along with it, all of the reasons why your dream, will never survive beyond your imagination.

     So you sit on your hopes and allow fear to cripple you from living the life you desire to live. You think of all the reasons why you can’t rather than all the reasons why you can. Your mind is wired to think about all of the ways you will fail instead of the magical outcomes that can be created when you decide to make that first step.

Do you doubt yourself and your capability to chase your dreams?
Do you wonder …

What Will They Think

     What will your family, friends or dare I even say it, your husband think. So much so that it stops you in your tracks. You think to yourself what will they say if I fail? You think they’re going to criticize me and you’ll never hear the end of it. But do you really want to get to the end of your life and say the one reason you didn’t chase your dream was because you were afraid of what your mother was going to say?

     Just remember this, people judge and criticize what they don’t understand.  People will see you facing fears and challenging the social norm and comment negatively about it because they don’t think that way. They can’t even see life the way you see it. What does that mean? Keep going, as you’re already steps ahead of them. One day you’ll look back and find that those who questioned you are now right there with you, supporting you on this tremendous journey of chasing all that your heart desires.

What if I Fail

     Failure is a fallacy. A myth you’ve created in your mind to keep you from stepping forward. Failure isn’t when you get it wrong the first time, the second or even the third. That’s called learning. But somewhere along the journey of life failure and learning became one but they’re not one they’re actually opposites of each other.

     The only way you can ever get from here to there is when you learn to take that first step.  Failure is only achieved when you make the choice to never begin.

What if I Lose it All

     Well what if you did? What would be the worst possible outcome? I imagine you’d have to start over again but the real truth is as some point or another most of us have to. I can’t make you take that first step but what I can tell you is that what you think about it what you will create. If you are constantly thinking you can’t then you won’t. But if you start thinking I can, then you will.

     It’s the scarcity mindset you have that will continue to perpetuate negative outcomes. It is only when your mind can wholeheartedly believe that the world in front of you is abundant and full, that you will be open to receive it’s beautiful gifts.

When/ If this Happens

     You think to yourself I can only start dating again when I lose ten pounds. Or you’ll look for another job when summer is over. Or you’ll start that new online business you’ve been thinking about doing for years, when you have ten thousand dollars in the bank. Stop doing that. The stipulation that you are adding to your dream is the excuse you tell yourself about why you never begin.

     It’s an excuse. Once you lose that ten pounds, summer is over, or you’ve get that extra cushion in the bank account you’re going to add another stipulation and guess what? You’re never going to begin. Get rid of doubt by stopping the I’ll do this, when this happens syndrome.

You Don’t Know How

     And then there’s the biggest reason of them all, you don’t know how to begin. You imagine they’ll be some kind of layout or plan for you to follow and there just might be, but it won’t be right, and it won’t be yours. The only way to ever begin is to fearlessly take that first step into the unknown. Undoubtedly there will be highs and lows but as the journey progresses you will find it easier to pick yourself back up and begin again.