Your intuition is a magnificent creature. And, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you tap into this wondrously wise and wild aspect of your brilliant self every day.

Your intuition is a knowing without reason. It’s your gut instinct, the pull of your heart, the matrix of energy around you, the memories of your Soul, and so much more.

But where does all of this come from? And how do we effortlessly assimilate it into our daily life?

Here are the five main areas that feed your intuitive knowing and how they work:

Energy field

The energy field all around you is receiving information from everyone else’s energy field all the time. Literally… all the time. Energy never lies; so when you meet someone who seems polite and awesome on the surface, but you get a creepy or uncomfortable feeling about them, that’s your energy informing you to keep clear. It’s the same when you meet someone who’s reserved or introverted, but you feel comfortable or delighted by their presence, that’s your energy urging you to stick around. And it’s not just people – your energy can read the energy of any situation, animal, idea or place… instantly.

Five senses

Your senses also bring in information ceaselessly. Your sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch are always switched on, even when you sleep. The amount of knowledge that makes it to your conscious mind is minuscule compared to the entirety of what your senses pick up on. Your senses feed your intuition for many reasons, but most notably to keep you safe, informed, and connected to self. We are constantly acting on what our senses tell us, and most of the time we don’t even know we’re doing it. When you’re in tune with your senses you live more mindfully too; life is indescribably more pleasurable because you’re both aware of and in touch with your body.


You have countless memories from this life (and possibly thousands of past lives) that are tucked away in your subconscious mind. You don’t have to consciously remember these memories for them to impact the way you live. These memories are regularly informing your intuition and your daily life, just ask any psychologist. If you have a deep meditation practice, you’ll be more likely to access the vast wisdom of your subconscious.

Symbols + signs

There are no coincidences in life, only sweet universal serendipity. Animals, nature, people, ‘chance’ encounters, life roadblocks, symbols, repetition, numbers, books, visions, are all ways that the Universe is guiding you. When you feel like something or someone has a message for you, ask your intuition what that is. If something feels meaningful, take time to uncover its importance. You have an eternity’s worth of wisdom inside of you, just waiting to make sense of the endless patterns and signs of life. It may take time to get used to this, but eventually, it will become easier and enormously helpful.

Gut + heart

Your gut instinct is a well-known aspect of intuition, but it’s only one part of the whole intricate system. Your gut is your ‘no’. It’s the feeling you get when something or someone isn’t right for you. It’s there to keep you safe. Your heart instinct is your ‘yes’. It guides you towards all the good, right, nourishing, creative, fulfilling, and desirable people, ideas or situations. Both are located along your vagus nerve, which goes up to your brain, sending it information from your gut, heart, and other organs. Have faith in your gut, even if it can’t be explained. Follow your heart, even if it seems wild.

You’re being guided all the time by your intuition. Trust the guidance. You’ll know when something is right for you; you’ll feel light. You’ll know when something is wrong for you; it will be uncomfortable. Those initial thoughts you can’t make sense of? Go with them. They’re gently nudging you towards an easier, happier, more fulfilled and healthy life.

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  • Kris Franken

    Spiritual Author & Guide

    Kris Franken is a storyteller, mystic, guide and creatrix. She’s a spiritual author, certified meditation teacher, soul purpose mentor, and energy healer who has devoted her life to awakening the light within herself and others. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology and 14 years’ experience as a professional writer, Kris loves to empower others to live in the deepest alignment with their purpose.