Nick Luevano, also known as the Flip King, is now a self-made multi- millionaire. But he started out stacked against incredible odds. Growing up he believed his best option for success was to follow the “norm”; graduate high school, enrolling in college, get good grades, get a good job to work for 35 or 40 years, and hopefully retire by 65. Eventually, Luevano realized he had bigger goals, bigger dreams, and bigger aspirations than just living a normal life…

the cookie cutter way of life, he found out, was not for him, “I began my entrepreneurial career in 2013 in the Network Marketing Industry, I am well known for catapulting a Millennial Movement of entrepreneurs, globally challenging the status quo of the typical millennial college student. In the process of building this movement, I built a sales organization of over 5,000 customers within 25 states and over 15 countries worldwide, reached the top 1% within my company, and generated millions in global sales.” To many this may seem like an overnight success, but that’s far from the truth. Nick worked harder than anyone else he knew, and he learned early on that the best investment you can ever make was in yourself and your own business which is why he also invested in his education via books, seminars, and worked long hours to achieve the tremendous success he found early in his entrepreneurial career.

After achieving major success in his first entrepreneurial endeavor, he knew that the sky was the limit, “I was looking, seeking and praying for a bigger vehicle and I came across a youtube ad for an online web class. I eventually attended and after seeing the endless potential of the real estate industry it was as if this profession chose me. I made the decision to leave the network marketing industry to dive full force in real estate and 30 days into it the business I made made $90,000. I haven’t looked back since…”

When Luevano does anything, he does it all out. He knew he has the opportunity of a lifetime in real estate and he was going to stop at nothing to create massive success for he and his partners, “I’m now the owner of a multimillion dollar Real Estate investment company based in Beverly Hills, CA, with a primary focus of acquiring and depositing residential properties. I’ve trained and mentored hundreds of real estate entrepreneurs from across the ,country ranging from beginner to experts, teaching them how to build, scale and systematize their real estate operation.” But Luevano’s expertise doesn’t stop there, “I also offer consulting, branding and sales coaching for both real estate and other business professionals. As far as training I’ve received, I have personally invested hundreds

of thousands of dollars in coaching, mentoring and personal development over the last 8 years.” And Luevano’s teaching has drawn quite a crowd. With over 95 thousand followers on Instagram and over 53 thousand followers on Facebook, Luevano’s lessons are definitely reaching their target audience; millennials who are disillusioned by all of these seemingly out-of-nowhere self-made millionaires. That kind of quick success is what everyone hopes for. But Luevano isn’t satisfied with where he is currently, he has plans to expand. “I will continue to build and scale my real estate business. I plan to own 250 doors and as I grow my real estate portfolio take my income earned and diversify it by investing in other small businesses. I also want to continue giving back to my community.

Some ways I’d like to do that are by building and developing apartment buildings for low income housing in Los Angeles. I also plan to build schools for underprivileged minorities. All while getting married and having 3 kids at some point.” Having clear goals is often a marker for success, or at least important for the foundation of it, early on in his career Luevano had to develop his working methods on his own, and strive for success without guidance. Thankfully, the methods he developed have carried him far. “I’m a workaholic, I love what I do and I have a passion for growth and expansion in all areas. This requires me to be extremely focused, disciplined and resilient. I believe in being sound in all areas – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. So I make sure I have all of those things in check by eating right, going to the gym, letting go of unnecessary or momentary emotions, reading to grow my mind and going to church and having an active prayer life.”

This kind of relentless attitude is what led Luevano to close over 500+ real estate transactions in the last 5 years and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs into expert investors. He’s also been able to diversify his profits by investing in multiple companies over the years. Check out Luevano’s next steps on Instagram ​@Flipking​ and see where he goes next!