One of the most untapped resources we have today is pleasure. Our world is so obsessed with efficiency and productivity, that we have forgotten the simple art of pleasure. And ironically, pleasure can actually help us be more efficient and successful in our endeavors. When every cell in our body is radiating with pleasure, we operate on a completely different level.

Yet we reject it. We feel that it is a waste of valuable time since there is no tangible outcome or goal achieved. We don’t feel that we deserve it. It seems selfish to consider our own pleasure. We’re already too tired and stressed to think about yet another thing on our plate (which is a good indication that we have strayed from the pleasure path for too long). Most likely, it’s a combination of all of these.

But it’s time to reclaim it. We need more people to be operating from a place of pleasurable flow. Imagine the shift that could occur if we all focused on and embraced the simple pleasures all around us. Imagine what could happen if we didn’t operate solely from a state of constant stress and robotic productivity day in and day out.

I invite you to reconnect with your pleasure through the simple everyday activities that you already do. There is so much pleasure to be found in the food you eat, the way you move, your self-care practices, and everything in between.

All it takes is a focus on the five senses. If you can take a simple activity and add in even just a couple more sensory elements (pleasure boosts), it can crank up the pleasure level.

Infusing Pleasure Boosts into Everyday Activities

Instead of your daily coffee in the free promotional mug you got from a conference…

Drink from a beautiful teacup, with a scented candle lit, a cafe playlist from Pandora playing, and the window open to allow the crisp morning air in.

Instead of your usual yoga workout…

Try doing an evening yoga session surrounded by the soft glow of a salt lamp or several candles, the window open to let the sound of evening crickets in, and the softest blanket you can find for Savasana. Add in a refreshing veggie, fruit, or herb-infused water instead of your usual plain water for a special upgrade.

Instead of rushing to get dinner cooked…

Turn on a fun playlist, pour a glass of wine to drink while you cook, and move your body around the kitchen with gusto as you chop, slice, and saute. Take a few seconds to plate your food beautifully, and maybe even break out that gorgeous china that hardly ever sees the light of day.

Instead of mindlessly climbing into bed…

Apply some beautifully scented body oil or lotion. Put on those luxurious pajamas that feel incredible against your skin. Keep a small arrangement of flowers or plants, crystals, or anything else you find beautiful on your nightstand.

None of these pleasure boosts take a considerable amount of extra time, and they can elevate an experience from daily monotony to pleasurable bliss. Pay attention to the difference you feel as you string more of these experiences together.

And the best part? You can start today. Right now.

As you approach your day, pick one of your normal, everyday activities and ask yourself: how can I enhance the sensory experience of this? Add a couple of the pleasure boosts you come up with, and then bask in the pleasure of a bit more presence and intention in your busy day.