Sashin Govender says, “the mind is our largest and most valuable asset.”

He started studying self-development at a tender age of eight years old, which means for the past eighteen consecutive years he’s been mentally mastering his craft.

From books, audio’s, podcasts, courses and even seminars, the price of success is non negotiable and never discounted. 

It’s all in the mind, the biggest disease in the world is not cancer, diabetes, HIV & Aids or the Coronavirus, the biggest disease is a negative mindset. Think about it, diseases generally start from within. You’ll hardly notice it, until it eats you up from inside out, and when it’s too late you start seeing the symptoms from the outside. Generally it’s too late to cure yourself. You may have cancer in the early stages and still cure it by having an untouchable positive outlook on life.

A negative mindset controls your results, what you focus on you give birth to. If you focus on negativity, you’ll only attract negative people, energy and results into your life. If you focus on positivity, you’ll attract positive people, energy and results. It might be easier said than done, we are all humans and there’s virtually no way to live a positive life 24/7/365.

Negativity will show up, you might be going through challenges right now in your life, whether it’s your heath, wealth, spirituality or even relationships. Let it happen to you and not within you. Let it hit you and bounce off rather than you letting it in internally, and it eating you up from inside out. 

For every negative thought, you’ll need fifteen positive thoughts to counter attack it. Why would you even consider entertaining negativity?

Thoughts are things; thoughts are the seeds to what we want to sow. You’ll need to plant multiple seeds to grow a tree with fruits, not one seed, but multiple. Every time you plant a seed (a thought) you’ll need to water it with positive energy and actions.

When Sashin looks at the word SAW, even when he was completely broke, with no money in his bank account to debit his bank fees and keep the bank account opened. He SAW himself driving those dream cars, flying first class around the world, speaking at the AT&T Stadium in front of twenty five thousand people, living in the former presidents house, owning multiple enterprises and the list goes on. If you flip the word SAW = WAS. He WAS there in his mind way before he physically manifested it, he WAS driving those dream cars in his mind before he took delivery of that Ferrari, at twenty three years old, he was flying first class in his mind before he physically laid one hundred and eighty degrees on that seat, he was speaking in front of sold out crowds even before he walked on to the stage at the AT&T Stadium. It’s a surreal feeling when you turn a thought into reality, it might sound impossible, but that’s how his life is lived.

He says, “millionaires are ahead of the game, they hardly ever think in the past or present, their entire life is lived in the future.”

Your mind is your largest asset, protect it. When you logged into your cellphone today, it required a password.
When you logged into your laptop today, it required a password. When you logged into your social media accounts today, it required a password. When you logged into your email account today, it required a password. What is the purpose of passwords? To protect your information from hackers and people you don’t trust.

Well, have you setup a password for you mind?
Your largest asset in your life, have you protected it from haters, hackers and people who bring you down?

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