People talk a lot about success in today’s world. After all, everybody wants to be a success, don’t they? The word “success” is possibly the most aspirational word in the English language but why don’t people spend more time talking about what success actually means?

I don’t mean the dictionary definition either. I mean what are the components of a successful life? Because if we don’t understand what makes up “success”, how can we ever become successful? It’s not all about fast cars, private jets and billionaire bank accounts, either. Success is a far more fluid concept.

The Four Building Blocks Of A Successful Life

There are many ways to divide up success but today, we’re going to look at the four components that most people can readily see are important to their own journey:

Happiness – The Most Important Part Of The Puzzle

What’s the point of “success” if it makes you miserable? It’s great to be the world’s most respected cardiologist if you thrive on making people well and demonstrating your surgical skill. It sucks if it keeps you awake all night worrying and wishing you could go fishing instead.

Your happiness is not a selfish ambition. Happiness is contagious. If you are happy, you will give more of yourself to others. In turn, this will make them happier too.

If you’re wondering where true happiness beings – then “self-esteem” is probably the best place to begin looking. If you don’t hold yourself in high regard, it’s very difficult for other people to do so and that’s not going to make anyone happy.

Healthiness – A Life Full of Energy and Vitality

You might be the world’s leading banker but if you’re 200 lbs overweight and smoke like a chimney, you’re also going to be one of the world’s younger corpses.

You don’t need to be “the healthiest” person on the block to be successful but you should be healthy. That promotion you got at work would be sweeter without a hangover to fight off. The vacation you’re going to take this year would be better if you didn’t gasp for breath when walking around.

Taking care of yourself and being healthy boils down to – eat better and exercise more. This is something we can all master, if we want to.

Growth – Staying The Same Is Stagnation Not Success

It sounds trite because so many people harp on about “personal growth” but it’s a cliché because it’s true.

If you don’t make space in your life to learn and grow, then you’re not changing. You can’t succeed (at least not for long) if you become complacent, and worse still, when you don’t change – you become boring to the people around you. They’re growing, why aren’t you?

Taking time out of the busy noise of your day to learn things can feel like time wasted at first but as you see how it impacts your life, you’ll realize it’s essential for success.

Purpose – How Can You Tell You’ve Arrived If You Don’t Know Where You’re Going?

Your purpose can be summed up simply as “the thing that makes you keep going when everything else is no fun at all”.

You can’t succeed when you have no direction. You can’t enjoy life when you’re not progressing towards where you want to be.

Science has proven that not only are people with a purpose more likely to be at the top of their game, they’re also more likely to be happy.

If your doctor told you only had one year to live, how would you spend it? Your purpose is somewhere in the answer to that question.


Succeeding in life isn’t simple because we all measure success differently. However, it’s fair to say that we all share some common building blocks of success and no matter how we want to direct our passions – we all need to be happy, healthy, grow and have a sense of purpose if we want to succeed.