The Four Realizations of Life

The key to a successful life is to realize that living is a learned habit, an acquired skill.

This learning begins at conception and continues through death. In the course of learning these lessons in living, your level of consciousness develops and grows. You begin to have certain realizations and understandings of what you must know to live a successful and happy life.

The first realization of life is that life is a garden, and you are the gardener.

Your garden can be well tended, neatly groomed and contain some of the most beautiful flowers—positive attributes or experiences. Or, it could be overrun by weeds—negative thoughts and emotions—until the   flowers are no more.

The second realization of life is that every action, including inaction,

has a definite result.

“Whatsoever a (mind) soweth,

that shall (they) also reap.”

                                              —Galatians 6:7

Soweth nothing, Getteth Nothing.

In a garden, if you do nothing, things do not remain status quo. Weeds will grow on their own. In life, if you do not affirmatively cultivate your flowers—your talents and gifts from the Creator, your life will be overrun with weeds—negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences. If you do not change, and take action to remove the weeds from your life, your talents will be consumed and taken away.

The third realization of life is that all things have a season.

Life has seasons or stages. These stages, though somewhat chronological, are based on your thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and associations at particular periods in life. Each stage lasts from 20 to 25 years. There are certain things that you must come to terms with and master in each stage of life. Anything you do not master at any particular stage will linger on as a potential challenge in subsequent stages.

The fourth realization of life is that there are only two forces at work in the universe—the forces of good and the forces of evil.

The universe is harmonic. All things that take place are either operating on behalf of good or evil. As you use your power to make things happen, the things you make happen are either on behalf of good, or on behalf of evil.


Based on “The Twelve Universal Laws of Success, Super Achiever Edition by Dr. Herbert Harris. Available on Amazon and Email: [email protected]