Femininity has been scrutinized, silenced, hidden, underestimated, and just about all else in between.  With femininity being one of the most misunderstood words of our generation, perhaps you may have heard less than desirable remarks around it, seen the various versions of women leaders portrayed in movies, and may have even grown up with a certain belief in regards to being a woman in power. Well, in my opinion, I believe there must be something pretty remarkable about it for it to be this dramatized!  While I have seen and heard it all, devoting over 20 years to coaching women who are learning to gain confidence in their own femininity within their leadership roles, I have come to discover four innate superpowers that women leaders possess and how they can be enhanced to show how valuable femininity truly is.

Ladies, there is no better time to be a woman, to be a Queen, than today!

Together we will uncover these superpowers with more depth so that we can claim them and rise up to the throne!

Superpower #1: FemPOWER.

There is this surrounding notion that women have to ditch their femininity in order to lead and be in business.  This is certainly not the case. In fact, your feminine energy can play a major role in advancing your business. Feminine energy, by nature, is insightful, spiritual, intuitive, and creative. It operates off the notion of receiving.  Tapping into this energy can allow those channels to flow more readily so that we can receive more abundance within our businesses.  When we show up in our business with this energy, it gives us the edge and insight into knowing more details than what may be provided to us on the surface.  We can gather more information in this way that will help to take our leadership to new heights. These qualities of femininity work in a completely complimentary tone to our masculine energy.  Regardless of gender, everyone encompasses both feminine and masculine energy. When we exercise our masculinity of giving— the doing, concrete, logical, and linear aspects, it guides us into better managing and strategizing structures for our businesses.  Now, society seems to pressure us women to exert our masculine energy more heavily when in leadership roles, only to be ridiculed for doing so– Devil Wears Prada, anyone?  By overexerting our masculine energy and hiding our femininity, we become the perceivable bitch.  But I am encouraging you to release the shame. There should be no shame in asking and receiving what you desire. Instead, by combining both your masculine and feminine energy into a harmonious relationship,  you can better manage and connect your leadership abilities. This is an example of the beautiful, ebb and flowing contrast that exists within the world.

Superpower #2: Be intentional, not busy.

Busy is boring.   Busy gives off the impression that we are rushing through life– through our mundane tasks, our numerous to-do lists, and mindlessly “doing” rather than “creating.”    Queens are intentional with their time. They live in full divine, pleasurable, and luxurious intentions. Do they still work hard? Yes. Do they still have numerous obligations? Yes.  Are they passionate? You bet. However, they also understand the value of their time and well-being. They are not willing to sacrifice the glory of the present moment. Women who are intentional know how to balance their schedules in advance, take full advantage of life’s gifts, and enjoy their obligations.  When you allow yourself to live mindfully, you can make better use of your precious time and discover the existent bliss outside of the chaos.

Superpower #3: Finding superstar success from spiritual strength.

People who are successful in business have the wisdom and understanding that their ultimate power comes from the Divine.  It’s through a Higher Power that they can receive the strength, love, and encouragement to pursue a life they desire and utilize it to serve others along the way.  Successful people also express continuous gratitude and accept each obstacle and opportunity with the same open arms. They see each stride as a chance to accept and learn about themselves more fully and pursue their calling.  Using spiritual guidance within leadership is a miraculous way to connect on various levels. The comfort of knowing that you are being guided on this unique life path allows you to see blessings where others may see a challenge, to see abundance where others may see lack, and to see opportunity where others may see hopelessness.  This Queen mentality is essential to any woman in power.

Superpower #4:  Radical responsibility.

The biggest lesson I have learned in being the CEO of my own company is that all results of my business are related directly to me.  Meaning all pieces of your business are a direct extension of you! Placing blame is a disempowering act not fit for a Queen. It should never be about finding fault, but rather about having the courage to take ownership and pivot the direction of your business in whichever ways will help it thrive.  Wasting time and energy on arguing, blaming or even avoiding is not a Queen’s way of using her power. When you encounter challenging times within your role as a leader, always ask yourself this question: “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”  From that answer, you can then find an appropriate solution to the challenge at hand.

Queens, it is my hope that you take these superpowers that you innately possess and share them with the world!  I hope that you step into your sovereign by leading the way and showing other women how they can, too.

In this age of feminine leadership, I bow down to all the Queens out there husting for the crown. Keep going!