Recently, I’ve been reading and hearing a lot of women in business say the catchy tag line “The Future is Female.”

At first it annoyed me.

Maybe that’s because I feel like I wouldn’t have half the success I do, if it wasn’t for my amazing husband.

His skills and leadership is needed in our business and at home, and our success is truly a team effort.

But then I thought deeper about it.

What if it wasn’t about outshining men, stepping up where they can’t, or “building empires.” ( A term that’s never resonated with me.)

What if it was about empowering women to play bigger than they ever have before?

“Why the heck not?”

“Why not me?”

I’ve stopped calling my business a side hustle, and I want to challenge you to do the same.

I believe that we have to start taking our seat at the table. We often use words like “my side hustle”, or we question if we can “charge that much.”

It’s as almost as if we feel like we can pursue our passions and own our businesses, as long as it isn’t inconveniencing anyone else, or it doesn’t interfere with being a mom or wife or an employee.
We can own it, and stop downplaying all the hard work, guts, and grit it takes to be a woman in business.

I know when I’m not with my family, working my full time contract job, or talking care of my own health, I’m working my business because it means everything. It’s anything BUT a side hustle.

That may require getting help with my son, and it may mean I work “non-traditional hours,” but I’ve to tell myself that it’s time to let the mom guilt go. Mom guilt doesn’t make us any less visible. We will still do our thing, because it matters, but it does impact our focus and mindset.

So why not play full out? I’m showing our son that mom has dreams and she’s not afraid to work for them. That sacrifices are a part of the plan when you’re changing your future, and no matter what, we don’t give up when it matters.

So maybe the future is female, and male, and there’s a seat at the table for all of us. Will you pull it out and sit down?

I challenge you to do so.

Play bigger, be more visible, teach and lead, and love on your clients and those around you. The world needs more leaders and I believe that’s US.


  • Lisa Pezik

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