The big picture is that the human ego is clashing with nature. Our ego in relation to ourselves is fine. It’s where it concerns others that’s the problem. 

We must learn to fight our ego, and encourage everyone else to fight theirs. 

We need to create environments where people understand that this is what needs to be fixed, and how we’re dependent on one another for success. No one can go off to an island and do this on their own. Everyone can remain special and unique, but we are all completely equal in this process. 

We are not trying to delete the ego, because then we would not be able to exercise our free will. We are the only creatures in the world with that ability, and we are not using it. Animals act instinctively – we have choices. 

So essentially we have a tremendous amount of untapped human potential. The companies that learn to release this human potential will thrive through this crisis and beyond. 

Transition Between Two Paradigms

Up until now we focused on self-development and making the individual better. Now we are entering a new phase where we must focus on fixing the collective. In the workplace this is about the culture and environment. You can talk about things such as love, caring, kindness, empathy and listening. And still have a very toxic environment where people are thinking bad thoughts about each other, about how to trample others to get ahead – this is our natural state. 

In order to fix the root of the problem – just as we learn a principle in math – we need to learn about the collective, and apply it to the individual – not the other way around. 

The Solution

People need to go through an educational process to understand that we are integral beings living in a global, interdependent world. 

We are currently in transition between two paradigms. We need to learn how to move from our current format of a generation that is still individualistic, to the first generation that begins to work collaboratively. We have to take into account that we are still in an intermediate state, because we have not left the old method yet, and have not reached the new method yet. 

One thing is for sure — from now on everything will be measured in relation to our human connection. This is how nature is treating us – no longer as individuals who each get what they deserve. But rather treating us all as one so that we will help each other reach our destination, which is a higher level of consciousness.