Meet B Floral, an event design and production firm located in New York City specializing in transformative design and branded experiences. Bronwen Smith, founder, owner and lead designer, started the company in 2010 with a focus on, and passion for, floral design. Over the years, and after gaining favor with celebrity fans including Kelly Ripa, Rachel Zoe, Sutton Foster, Carole Radziwill, and Martha Stewart, B Floral has grown into a leading authority in the event space, offering their client’s full-service design and event production capabilities. 

We had the chance to sit down with Bronwen and learn more about B Floral’s extraordinary growth and the future of their brand.

When did you begin doing full scale events at B Floral?

Bronwen Smith (BS): Once an event request arrives, we quickly establish a relationship with a client so we’re able to fully understand his or her vision. We research all components of the event from venue to audience to theme. 

Our team will conceptualize a variety of ideas to present the client and once approved, will begin to prepare to transform a space. Since each event is unique, there is no standard way to prepare for an event. Designers will order elements such as flowers, logos, furniture, and more once all concepts are finalized. It’s essential that we’re not only prepared but bring extra supplies in case they’re needed on-site. In the events industry it’s essential to prepare for the unexpected!

What are some of your most memorable events?

BS: Our most memorable events are certainly those where we can start from scratch to help transform a space and tell a story of the brand we are representing. One recent event that we loved working on was a transformation of a space for Jack Morton and Belvedere Vodka. We turned a blank venue into a lush forest with greenery and trees to represent the area where the rye used to create the vodka was grown. We also enjoyed creating a colorful floral wall to celebrate a new make up collection by Neutrogena and Kerry Washington. 

I see you started your career post-college on Wall Street and transitioned into events, what was your “ah-ha” moment?

BS: My “ah-ha” moment probably came while I was working in the sports industry. A lot of my time was spent attending events with my clients and working with events that they sponsored. I saw their directives and what they were trying to achieve for their brand and audiences and thought how fun it would be to develop their story on my own.

For working women, what do you think the hardest balance is?

BS: The biggest challenge is making time to take care of yourself, mentally and physically, while focusing on a career that you are constantly immersed in through not only daily tasks, but also brainstorming and idea generation. 

As the owner of the company, I am often challenged to learn to turn my brain off of work mode when I’m with family and friends or trying to fall asleep. This fall, I’m expecting my first child and I know that the balance will only become harder to find! But, I think that when you have a team behind you that you are confident in, it becomes a bit easier.

What is your biggest inspiration for the brand?

BS: Most of what has inspired B Floral has come from lifestyle. Throughout the years, I have picked up elements from events, traveling, and the branding that we are exposed to daily to come up with highlights to recreate.

What are future plans for B Floral?

BS: We have been growing rapidly in the past few years, constantly evolving our capabilities and navigating through expansion. I don’t see that letting up anytime soon! I don’t believe that anything is beyond our grasp in terms of what we can deliver to our clients – we’re always ready to deliver the next big thing! 

In August, we hosted a media event in the Hamptons showcasing our wide variety of production capabilities as well as our floral accessory line. With New York Fashion Week in full spin, we’re looking forward to working with fashion brands and sponsors who are looking to elevate a kick-off party, runway backdrop or after party. 

Well… WOW, we are certainly inspired.  Want to learn more or bring your digital Pintrest vision to life?  Visit or follow along on the Gram at @BFloralNYC.