The World Economic Forum recently published its Future of Jobs report highlighting the need for “reskilling” to meet the post-covid demands in a global economy, that aims to resurrect itself cautiously.

Much has changed in recent report (with emphasis on projected technological demand) as compared to the previous one that emphasized soft skills to lead the way in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In my book, The Future of Work In An Evolving Economy, I expand this research further and share insights on how professionals can:

  • enhance soft skills to build satisfying careers
  • problem solve as a team yet enjoy autonomy in the process
  • practice emotional intelligence at work
  • get a perspective from corporate giants on the significance of these skills

At the end of each chapter are powerful practice questions to help you sharpen these skills and get a well-rounded perspective.

I hope you enjoy a quick 1-2 hour read!


  • Hithakshi Kotyan

    Author | People Development Specialist | Harvard Member | Positive Psychology Coach

    Hithakshi is an Author and Senior Learning Specialist with Priceline Technology, India. She has worked and consulted global organisations to drive personal and workplace excellence. The underlying themes of her programs are rooted in the areas of Career Pivots, Self-Leadership, Personal Productivity, and Well-being. She is the author of "The Future of Work In An Evolving Economy", a Member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square and Business Intelligence Board Member at the Chief Learning Officer Publication. Hithakshi is a Certified Instructional Designer, a Positive Psychology Coach, and a Behavioural Interpreter.