Ever since you were a child, making clothes for your toys was the favourite past time. Whether it was making the teddy bears or designing the dresses for the doll, you always had a flair for fashion and an eye for designing. Amongst your friends too, were you the one to stand out for your fashion sense?

All these traits are a realisation of how much you love fashion and why is the perfect career choice for you . But the question remains what exactly you want and where should you go from here. In India, there are a number of fashion designing institutes offering fashion designing courses.To become an established fashion designer, you need an education and a practical knowledge to go ahead.

Many aspiring fashion designers are attracted to study fashion designing because of the way it functions. The fashion industry is incredibly fast-paced, it is focused on the demand for new designs and is consistently on the lookout for new and emerging fashion trends as and when they arrive.

A degree in fashion designing opens the doors for a successful career in the field. The professionals in this industry have an inherent artistic and creative qualities. They use these very qualities for various design concepts and fashion applications.

The fashion industry is a massive industry with a multitude of jobs available, and it is crucial to find a job that suits your temperament. To succeed in the fashion industry, you must take note of the primary needs of the client. Listed below are the career options and prospects in fashion designing courses:

Fashion Designer

A degree in fashion designing will teach you everything from cutting the cloth to making a complete garment.

Once they reach a level where they can make full garments, they are given the task to create a whole wardrobe for the niche group of fashionistas. Some fashion designers have the techniques to design in all fashion categories, although some prefer to specialize in only one area. Some fashion designers design menswear exclusively, while others may specialize in women’s handbags.

Fashion designers are required to be multi-talented as they have to sketch, sew, create and mix the proper color tones.

Many fashion designers include themselves in the entire process and oversee the production. Also every fashion designer will attend fashion shows and trade shows. Depending on the size of the company, the fashion designer may manage other professionals such as pattern makers, colorists, and seamstresses.

Fashion Visual Merchandiser

If you love visuals and are also interested in conceptualizing and designing store displays, then you should go for visual merchandising. A degree in merchandising will diverge your attention to the creative aspects of work as well. The key responsibility areas will be planning and creating a strategy around the store displays and other store visuals.

One thing to keep in mind all the time is that whatever designs you make they should be aesthetically pleasing to engage the clients in your work in a way that they eventually ask you to work upon their stores. The more visually appealing the store, the more clients it will attract resulting in a profitable company.

Fashion Writer/Journalist

Fashion writers are responsible for creating the editorial copies for media houses such as fashion magazines, newspapers and design websites as well as exclusive fashion copies for television recording. Most of the fashion writers work within editorial departments of fashion design companies. While majority of them cover the catwalks and fashion weeks and work on a freelance basis.

The successful fashion journalist also work alongside eminent fashion photographers. Fashion writers are always on their feet, looking for stories which can be featured along with the designers, model. They also focus on life journeys of known fashion designers and models. Once they are done filing the stories, they pitch it to the chief editors of any good publication like Vogue and Cosmopolitan India.

Like all writers and journalists, fashion reporters must form their own thorough research and conduct interviews when preparing their articles. Most writers refer to their own personal experiences that will relate to the reader, to make their stories more fun, interesting and engaging to readers.

Fashion Stylist

A stylist is responsible for the uniqueness in the garments. If you know how to mix and match the outfits, a career in fashion styling could be for you.

Fashion design courses are available to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the fashion industry. Fashion stylists are responsible for making people look good. They also help the photographer’s and the director’s vision come to life. They work on celebrity photoshoots, ad campaigns, music videos, tv serials etcetera.

This is a rewarding career, as you are helping to boost the client’s self confidence by helping them make a good impression.

So what are you waiting for? Opt for your fashion designing syllabus and enroll yourself in the best fashion designing institute.