I had just had both my breasts removed and reconstructed thanks to a pesky disease that affects 1 in 8 woman- breast cancer. I was 27. I was in hospital for 9 days. 

No-one takes into account just how incapable you are after a procedure like that. How difficult it is mentally, physically and emotionally.

I had so many gorgeous loved ones stop by and my hospital room was full of the most beautiful, bright and lovely smelling flowers, but after I went home, the flowers were dead, everyone had gone back to their lives and I was still in recovering.

How nice would it have been to receive a gift that would make me feel valued, beautiful and loved and continue to feel that way every single day. 

During my treatment, I received a box of makeup from a lovely campaign with the intention that if I looked good, then I would feel better. However, when I looked at the ingredients in these bottles, I became very aware that I didn’t know what a single ingredient was, let alone how to pronounce anything! I set about researching each ingredient and was shocked to find that many of them were harmful to our health! They were either hormone disrupters, neurotoxins or… cancer causing chemicals. My disbelief that I was gifted a box of makeup that contained cancer causing chemicals when I was going through cancer treatment.

Further research told me that 60-80% of these chemicals could be entering your blood stream! There had to be a better way.

A better way to make woman like me feel beautiful, valued and loved, outside and in. Flowers will make you feel loved and valued on the inside, but are short lived. A box of make up will make you look beautiful on the outside but are full of harmful chemicals. How to find the perfect gift that lasts longer than flowers and is not going to harm your body.

And so I created my own gift! A gorgeous natural skincare line that comes in a beautiful packed box that says;

 “Just a little Reminder; 

You are beautiful, 

you are loved, 

you are enough”. 

100% Natural in every way! Gentle on sensitive skin but with powerful ingredients to give a beautiful natural glow. This gorgeous pack will last MUCH longer than flowers and is not only free of harmful toxins and chemicals, but it HEALTHY for the skin and body. 

Imagine your loved one going through some sort of treatment or procedure, receiving this gorgeous box of natural skincare- She would be able to use it every single day, glowing every single day, and feel beautiful, valued and loved.

Even the name of the skincare line embodies that you are on your right path- 11:11 Lab. 11 11 signifies that you are on the right path and your actions are aligned with your soul’s purpose, so even in the midst of the chaos, this is a beautiful message to recieve.

I now feel so very fortunate to be in a position to be able to offer gorgeous ladies this experience. Every time I receive a message from a customer thanking me for making them feel special from the little hand-written note or the box that tells them that they are loved, I do a little happy dance. Every time I am told their skin has never felt softer and they are just glowing, I have the biggest grin. Every time I learn that this package is going to be gifted to a loved one, I jump for joy!

This is the gift I wished I had received. 

But being able to offer this now, this is a gift.

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