Boundaries are so important for sensitive and aware entrepreneurs. Many times it’s enough to have strong energetic boundaries so you are clear as to what kind of people you attract and sometimes what is needed is a clear and vocal NO, to someone we already attracted who is breaking our boundaries.

The NO though is only meant to create safety and clarity to process the trigger that the person who violated your boundaries pushed. Its an outward NO in physical reality and an inward YES toward your emotional reality. Because breaking of boundaries is an opportunity for emotional release of something you didn’t process that is keeping you fearful and stuck. So take the opportunity when someone steps over your boundaries to clearly say NO, and then create a safe space for you to go in deep and sit with the emotions that arise.

Close your eyes and just sit with the emotions and thoughts that come in. Don’t analyze, don’t try to learn anything or understand, but just feel. Feel everything in your body. It will feel hard and painful, you might cry, you might feel helpless, overwhelmed, depleted, angry, small… After you felt it, you can sense where in your body are these emotions stored and when you get the answer you can ask these emotions and the energy around them to leave your body, through your hands and legs and be grounded and absorbed by Earth below you and the air around you. And then it will be over.

Intense emotions, when processed openly, don’t last more then 10–15 minutes. That’s it. And then you feel relief and a sense of surrender, belonging, being. Take in all the gifts these feelings provide. Cos you will receive gifts. It’s the law. The moment you decide to process your emotions deeply, a gift awaits you at the end. It’s a sense of knowing and peace of mind over a person, an issue, an experience that you can now incorporate within your life practically. It’s a practical gift from your soul to you for the courage and compassion you felt for it during the process. Try it, its an amazing experience!

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  • Dunja Radosavljevic

    Mentor and Coach

    To learn more visit my website I help clients live their orgasmic life by reclaiming their essence. I do that by allowing them to process emotional pain and fog that's blocking the access to their brilliance and who they truly are. I facilitate the transformation of core emotional issues from client's past that need healing and empowerment. Resulting from this process is the release of their authentic strengths which are require in order to walk the path of brilliance. My clients are surprised at the level of relief and breakthrough they feel after just one session. One client said: "So this morning I was tidying up all the scraps of paper with notes and ideas on them, and I was looking in my journal at the list of negative beliefs that I wrote before we spoke. 23 of them in total and currently only a couple created any real trigger. You are bloody amazing!"