Synchronicity. Magical moments. The power of attraction. The Force. God?

The key is to believe it until you see it, and then to see it because you believe it — to bask in the wonder, say thank you and smile.

Do you feel a glass ceiling hold you back from your life? What if focusing your mind on your mission accelerated your dream into existence, like a trampoline?

In my experience, the glass ceiling doesn’t break. It doesn’t shatter. It doesn’t disappear. Transcending it is its own journey.

Let’s talk about the glass ceiling as a trampoline. Why not?

If you allow yourself to experience life in a connected way, the world will be yours. You will begin to see that life before cannot be compared to a life after this realization. I myself, however, find myself realizing and remembering time and time again, and sometimes forgetting in between.

In recent years, the acceleration of people are joining, entering an age of enlightenment is perceptible. It’s exciting and energizing because it’s easier to remember when we start to talk about it. As a global community, our collective energy, belief, and knowing is harmoniously growing. Love is beginning to sing in the hearts of many — can you hear the choir?

The more people who allow their souls to unite with their whole beings, the more souls who join this source of infinite wisdom, love and beauty, the richer our whole experience becomes — souls, plugging in their perspectives.

It can be a struggle to balance a productive, grounded life with the wonderful responsibilities of possibility, but this is our duty — we must allow the world to transform with our love, through our passions and our actions.

Gandhi asked us to “be the change you want to see in the world.”

Right? Now, if we complement that ideal with Ovid’s, “dripping water hollows out stone” we now have a beautiful metaphor for our duties.

Water is interesting. Water is gentle as a drop — yet just one creates an infinite ripple. Water is powerful when it flows together — changing the earth over the millennia or in a moment.

We are each a drop. We each have an assignment.

We each have access to an ideal that makes us feel happy and whole. We must be full of intention— we must be aware of our ripples, however big, however small, and create each of life’s little ripples with love and focused direction.

We can be ourselves, we can be mothers, fathers, children, we can be leaders, we can be followers, we can be. In fact, we must. We must be for ourselves, in ourselves, of ourselves, as we are all connected.

We must live our truth authentically —face our fears to shake out and dispel whatever trauma or pain we keep inside — with love, peace, compassion, patience… and practice.

We must be brave and believe we can transcend our glass ceilings with grace and gratitude — and then see to it that we do.

We can lead by example and be ready to be a guide for peace, knowing and compassionate understanding when it’s time. We can be there when someone decides they are ready to accept their ideal.

We cannot know the struggles of another and we cannot solve them. As much as we may want to, we may not heal anyone but ourselves. Fear, pain, and struggle can only be solved within. But we can be open to receive.

When we ask for help, it changes the course. We learn to help ourselves, heal ourselves and consciously change a greater course.

When we allow ourselves to receive, we give the gift of giving.

Ultimately, we practice being receptive to flow, to receive and to believe. We may also practice patience, we may work on ourselves, and we may shine our light bright, so that others may begin to see. Let’s all breathe the most life out of each moment and enjoy it for what it is… life.

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Thank you for reading this piece.
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Sincerely, Jennie Souiade. 


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