If we reflect on our memories, we come to the conclusion that there are certain moments in life we remember in great detail, while others seem to be vague or completely erase from our memory.

Cesare Pavese said that “We do not remember days, we remember moments”. I would add that we remember what, in some way, was meaningful to us. Usually an experience and not a physical object.

As a parent, I want to create as many meaningful memorable moments for my children, and this holiday season is the perfect excuse. I would like you to give them the gift of memories, something that will create a joyful moment to remember forever. How do I do that? What can I give? I’ll give you a hint…not the latest smartphone or gaming system.

“Thanks to our memories, we have what we have called experience”

— Aristotle

When reading Aristotle quote my personal takeaway is experience, thinking of things I can do with my kids. When I list those things, I notice a price tag on them, and vualá — I have a list!

Lucky you, I am about to share it so you can gift the gift of memories too.

Have in mind, this memorable gift list is constantly changing because of the children’s age. The gift that will be perfect this year may not be relevant for the next.

Another thing I would like to mention before I dive into the list is that not every memory is a joined one. Children can and should create memories of the holiday with just them in the scene. One joyful memory I have as a child is when on the 3rd or 4th day of Hanukkah I got Roald Dahl’s Matilda a book as the holiday gift from my aunt. We spent that day at my grandparent’s house. And as the adults sat for coffee and desert, I went by my grandparents orlogin clock and disappeared into the magic world of Matilda Wormwood…

Memories are built by experiences and this is what I would like you to consider this holiday season.

Ready to dive in?

A magical world packaged in a book

My childhood memory shows us how a book can be the perfect gift. Nothing can replace sparking kid’s imagination than the world they create in their minds while reading a book. A world that remain in their mind for a lifetime. With younger children, it’s also a bonding opportunity, as you can sit together by the fire to read that special book. Regardless of age, a book is my #1 gift! From Harry Potter with a bonus of a Hermione Granger’s figurine, to origami books with a stack of paper, you can never go wrong.

Tickets to see an event

Quality time with your child is priceless. Pick up a pair of tickets to something you know they will love. There are so many opportunities from all the latest movies, to a Nutcracker performance at your home town…

A concert, a play, a basketball game, a movie, or even a dance performance. Giving them tickets to an event gives them something to look forward to. If you can make a day out of it, you gained a memory for a lifetime!

Activity passes — Time for an adventurer

Energetic kids who love to be active will appreciate passes to indoor trampoline parks, rock climbing gyms, swimming pools, or bounce houses. As parents, we will appreciate an out-of-the-house activity that tires out our kids. They may not remember it forever but they will for sure mention it to their friends.

Plant a tree

As the world is waking up to the importance of trees, take the opportunity to bond with your child over nature preservation. Find a local planting organization and sign up for their next event is. This hands-on activity will be forever in your memory, and if you forget, there will be a tree that will remind you.

Art supplies for the creative minds

You can build a memory by taking the kids with you to choose the craft they want to create. I love taking my kids to the art supply store to discover new things. It all depends on your child’s age, but you can fill a box with creativity-inspiring items it can be the simple craft supply like fancy paper, markers, googly eyes, stickers, glitter glue; or a canvas, brushes, and oil paint. Those art stores also carry art kits, those are perfect for younger kids — from painting a piggy bank to knitting a scarf. When the next snow day comes, they can pull their kits out and create something amazing!

The gift that keeps on coming — Hands on kits for the year

Waiting for something to arrive in the mail can be so wonderful. Especially when we expect something great! Waiting for a “new gift” every month is a gift that never end and that the kids will forever remember.

Sign them up for a monthly kids’ subscription box where every month they get a new package to explore in the mail. It was the perfect gift for my 10 years old. They vary from art to science, cooking, and even candy from all over the world so you can learn about the different countries. If you Google it, you will see so many options, to name a few — Universal Yams, Kiwi Crate, KidStir, Tinker Crate.

Private lessons

Music lessons or cooking lessons can be pricey, so giving one — or a series — of lessons can be a real gift not just for the child but for his or her parent, too! This gift may not create a bonding memory, but enhance verbal memory, spatial reasoning and literacy skills. As playing an instrument makes you use both sides of your brain, which strengthens memory power. As for cooking…. I guess time will tell.

My list goes on, but I think you got the point. Now it’s up to you to get the gift of memory for this holiday season. Wishing you and your loved one a wonderful and joyful one!