Do you ever feel like you’re waiting – for something to manifest, for something to end, or to meet someone important to your future? The waiting can feel like a painful and unmanageable void. Sometimes it can feel like punishment, your ego convincing you that you aren’t enough or that you can’t have what you want. Continue reading to understand the gift of waiting, and how to manage the void while you wait.

Quantum Context for Waiting

As a reminder, on a quantum level, there is no waiting. Life is fluid and ever-moving from one moment to the next. No matter how stagnant things may appear, energy is always in motion.

To be sure, change is an ongoing process in our lives. Everything that we are and everything that we will become, arises from our own energy over time.


  • In your ancestry and past lives is a template of energies impacting you in this life. Many traits and abilities honed over time will show up in your current life.
  • A soulmate from another time and place may return to you in this life as your life partner.
  • A community of people you incarnated with before may return in this life as significant collaborators.

The Gift of Waiting

Imagine for a moment that what you are impatient about having manifest is not yet ripe or ready. It’s there on the inner planes, but behind the scenes energetically. Sometimes you may sense this.

If you listen to your ego self – impatient with a linear sense of time and energy – you could become frustrated or angry about the “wait.” The ego doesn’t like waiting, or receiving a small part of the eventual manifestation. The ego sees no benefit in being patient or needing to learn something before manifesting a goal.

Your wise inner self grasps the gift of waiting. It accepts that you are in a process of becoming, and that your self-growth occurs during learning at each stage. Your larger eternal self – the part of you that is cosmic and gets the big picture of your life path – understands the intricacy of happenstance often orchestrated over time before goals manifest.

Let’s say you are impatient about meeting your life partner, feeling discouraged he or she hasn’t showed up. This person may be a part of your future, yet right now they may be completing specific inner work or ending another relationship. The gift of waiting in this instance is that your soul mate will arrive with readiness to be with you.

Powerful Moon Process

Since our emotions play a key role in self-understanding and manifesting goals, here are ideas about working with cycles of the Moon. The Moon is related to our feelings, instincts, intuition, and the unconscious. Moon cycles relate to beginnings and endings in our lives. Using these cycles for our inner work can lead to profound transformation.

New Moons like we have August 8 are an excellent time to focus on starting something new – e.g. a new habit, a new approach to self-care, a new start for an existing relationship. Full Moons like we have on August 22 are opportunities to celebrate the culmination of something, energize a goal, or focus on manifesting.

Both New Moons and Full Moons are auspicious for inner work, meditation, and tuning into one’s deep inner being for spiritual growth. Prayers and meditations within the window of these Moons can catalyze significant spiritual openings and big-picture life insights.

If you feel like you’re waiting for something not yet manifest, use the power of the Moon for inner work so you can connect the dots regarding happenstance. Some things you want to happen, as a reminder, may already be in play – yet beyond your conscious awareness. Remembering this will help you to better navigate change and have more patience with the timing of happenstance.

I look forward to your feedback on this article and knowing how I can serve you in an expanded way in 2021. Feel free to contact me at my website.