Girl’s empowerment is on the rise and as a woman, a mother of two girls and a passionate advocate of teaching our young girls about the strength that lies within each of them, I couldn’t be more thrilled. This movement is all about inspiring young girls to be their best self which by definition varies greatly for every girl. By showing girls what it means to honor the significance of their own personal power, they become prepared to create what they most want to see in their own lives and in the world around them. What a beautiful gift it is to all of us that when girls grow their wings and share their light, the whole world becomes illuminated.

The strength of the girl power movement has been brilliantly supported by many companies, institutions and movements that are making it their mission to bring out the best in our future generation of women. Through fashion, art and education, the companies below are each finding their own unique way to nurture the brilliance of young girls everywhere by giving them a healthy platform to embrace their strengths and learn how to love themselves unconditionally.

Ilana Harkavy is the founder of The Just Girl Project. Having herself struggled with an eating disorder, she’s made it her mission to become the big sister to young girls and get real and raw about the truth about body image. She has used her art, specifically her music and the spoken word as a podium to reach impressionable young girls everywhere. In her newest music video single “My Body” she brings the feelings associated with having an eating disorder to the surface and reassures girls that re-learning how to love their body is a process and that they hold the keys to creating self-love from within. Harkavy shares: “I want to give girls tools to feel better about themselves.” Her hope is that this song will become an anthem for that girl who thinks she is all alone and feels misunderstood by the world. Her loyal following is a testament to the positive impact she is having on the planet.

Faviana, a New York based evening wear company takes pride in teaching girls what it means to truly celebrate themselves, far beyond the dress. They are so passionate about elevating young women that they have made it a cornerstone of their mission; one that aims to provide a positive, inspirational and safe community for girls across the country. By bringing The Faviana Foundation to form, they have secured a solid platform to connect girls across the globe with opportunities to learn from and be mentored by women who share stories about their own journey to success. Bottom line: All girls should feel good from the inside out and although Faviana has mastered the art of dressing them up for their special celebrations, their greatest win has been showing girls how to pursue a path of self discovery, inspiration, and confidence for every occasion.

GiRLiFE Empowerment Series is an educational training that is giving women from all backgrounds and life circumstances the tools they need to empower young girls across the globe. The focus of the series is to introduce young girls to their own innate superpowers while teaching them that they hold the keys to creating a life that lights them up and brings them joy. By emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence, GiRLiFE hopes to develop a sense of resiliency and inner strength in our girls so that they feel equipped to move gracefully through every transition, every challenge and every phase of life. The core GiRLiFE message is “The thoughts we choose to feed our minds are the most powerful tools we have to live a happy and healthy life.” GiRLiFE’s goal is to spread this message to all corners of the planet by creating facilitators in every city and country across worldwide. Amen to that.

Yes, Girl Power is indeed having more than just a moment. It is a movement that finally has the grounding it deserves. It is my hope that this movement will continue to grow its wings so that our young girls will feel supported to live a life that is meaningful on their own terms. Empower a young girl and she will positively influence the lives of every person she comes in contact with.

Melody Pourmoradi is a Women’s Life & Wellness Coach. She thrives on supporting women to nourish themselves mind, body & soul to become the best version of themselves. She currently lives in NY with her husband and her beloved twin daughters. In her newest passion project, she has created GiRLiFE Empowerment training for mothers, coaches and others who are on a mission of empowering young girls to live a life of happiness, peace & success:

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  • Melody Gabay Pourmoradi

    Creator of the GiRLiFE Certification Program/Author/Life Coach

    GiRLiFE Empowerment

    Melody Pourmoradi is a twin girl mom, life/wellness coach and the creator of the GiRLiFE Certification Program; a digital training that gives women all the resources and education they need to create their own income-generating girls empowerment workshops. She believes that when girls are taught about nutrition of the mind and nutrition of the body with a strong emphasis on their own personal power, they become unstoppable. GiRLiFE is quickly becoming an important catalyst in the girls empowerment movement with hundreds of women globally sharing Melody’s curriculum. In her newest passion project, she wrote a book called “XOXO, from a girl who gets it: life notes for the young girl within”. It’s all about introducing girls to all of their unique superpowers  so that they can live a life filled with peace, health and inner freedom. Click here to join our movement or visit