The first installment of a series on women in business by Tammy Brook.

Fashion gives us an opportunity to express ourselves at a time like this where we need to be heard more than ever. We all need to take a beat from this political soap opera we are living in for some fashion relief.

My entire life I have used fashion as a way to express my mood and confidence as a female. Here are some of my go-to fashion travel tips as a career woman who navigates, the intersection of sports, fashion, music and the arts. I hope they help any and all women who want to be part of the fashion conversation, without spending time they don’t have and money better worth investing in real estate.

Social Media is your stylist
Social media is a style secret weapon. I follow my favorite designers and top bloggers around the world and screengrab looks all year long. When it’s time to pack I select my favorite looks for inspiration. You can get inspired by your favorite designer and find key pieces for less.

Feminine, fearless and professional — The Style Trifecta
Dressing on trend while harnessing your femininity and maintaining a professional image is a challenge I embrace on a daily basis. I start with the look I really want to accomplish without any fear of the pressure I feel as a woman who must adapt to any setting. I start with how I want to look and then edit it down to the perfect blend of staying true to my fashionista core with a perfect combination of professionalism.

In image on left, with Ashley Calandra, VP of communications at Barneys NY (middle) and Vanessa Montenegro, director of events at Barneys.

Know your audience and make this a game of dress up
It is critical to know the type of crowd you will be engaging with. Before choosing your look for the day, study your schedule. If you have a corporate meeting, make sure you layer. You can always take your coat off and reveal a feminine top underneath. If it’s going to be hard to find time for a wardrobe change, dress for day into night and use a big enough purse to store some flats and extra makeup to refresh your look.

Lean in and embrace the game of dress up
Make fashion your friend by playing a game of dress up before you go. Snap a picture of your outfit and make this process fun for yourself. This eliminates the fuss of questioning how you look in an outfit the morning of. This gives you the confidence of packing a suitcase knowing each look is a winner and helps you avoid over-packing.

If you look good you feel good
It is a fact that we are very busy. In order to embrace your day fully, looking in the mirror and feeling like a million dollars gives you the power to take on anything. Pick out your looks days in advance with passion, enter each day with the mentality that it’s fashion week and take on each meeting as an adventure.

Tammy Brook is an American businesswoman, entertainment, social impact, fashion and sports brand strategist, philanthropist and founder of FYI Brand Communications. You can follow her on Instagram @tammyfyi.

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